History of gmail notifier plus

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Gmail Notifier Plus, a Love Story

Gmail Notifier Plus was/is an application for Windows 7, originally released on Neowin.net here; http://www.neowin.net/forum/topic/777838-rel-gmail-notifier-plus-for-windows-7/. If you haven't figured it out what this app does by its name, you probably should stick to using Gmail in a browser. It checks multiple Gmail accounts. It's that simple.

The original author disappeared and left the app abandoned, alone, wandering the tubes without purpose. The folks who used this app (myself included) were saddened by the author's absence, as the app was really pretty good and there wasn't anything on Windows that could hold a candle to it. There was however, a few big problems; Constant errors and crashing plagued Gmail Notifier Plus and the desire for new features and improvement to current features was high.

Try as I might, I was not successful in getting a line on the original author through multiple channels. Enter Reflector. The source was exported from the binaries using reflector and lordy was it a mess. It was an ungodly mess. For Reflector had mangled the source and turned it into unusable mush. But I had a starting point with which to start to rebuild this fun little app. It would no longer roam alone.

And so that brings us to present day. Gmail Notifier Plus, as it is on this repo is completely usable and enjoys continued development.

If anyone wishes to donate to the original author please visit this thread on neowin.net; http://www.neowin.net/forum/topic/777838-rel-gmail-notifier-plus-for-windows-7/.