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Rapid Spanning Tree Protocol
C Shell
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Latest commit 1edafa4 Alexander Stein committed with Stephen Hemminger Makefile: also install bridge-stp
/sbin/bridge-stp is needed as helper to use userspace (R)STP

Signed-off-by: Alexander Stein <>
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include Update headers to 2.6.29
rstplib RSTP testing - PATCH: source MAC address of BPDU
.depend Initial commit
.gitignore update ignore file
LICENSE Initial commit
Makefile Makefile: also install bridge-stp
TODO Initial commit
bridge Initial commit
bridge-stp bridge-stp: Fix variable name used to generate pid_file
bridge_ctl.h Ignore carrier state on bridge device
bridge_track.c Ignore carrier state on bridge device
brmon.c Ignore carrier state on bridge device
brstate.c Revised packet SOCK_RAW code
ctl_cli_wrap.c reindent source
ctl_functions.h reindent source
ctl_main.c fixes for 4.3.3 GCC warnings/errors
ctl_socket.c reindent source
ctl_socket.h reindent source
ctl_socket_client.c reindent source
ctl_socket_client.h reindent source
ctl_socket_server.h reindent source
epoll_loop.c reindent source
epoll_loop.h reindent source
libnetlink.c Remove variable set and never used
log.h reindent source
main.c fixes for 4.3.3 GCC warnings/errors
netif_utils.c fixes for 4.3.3 GCC warnings/errors
netif_utils.h Initial commit
packet.c rstpd: working version
packet.h Initialize packet socket
rstp.spec Initial commit
rstpctl.8 Initial commit
rstpd.8 Initial commit
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