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Compiled reference genomes

All genome files can be downloaded in this Google drive folder: ngs.plot genome folder

Please request new genomes in this post: request your genome files

We should be able to get them compiled in short time!

ID Assembly Species Ensembl Version
AGPv3 AGPv3 zea_mays 21
Asm852v1 ASM852v1 schizosaccharomyces_pombe 21
IRGSP-1 IRGSP-1 oryza_sativa 21
Tair10 TAIR10 arabidopsis_thaliana 21
Zv9 Zv9 danio_rerio 75
bosTau6 UMD3.1 bos_taurus 75
ce6 WS220 caenorhabditis_elegans 66
ceX WBce1235 caenorhabditis_elegans 75
dm3 BDGP5 drosophila_melanogaster 75
galGal4 Galgal4 gallus_gallus 75
hg18 NCBI36 homo_sapiens 54
hg19 GRCh37 homo_sapiens 75
mm10 GRCm38 mus_musculus 75
mm9 NCBIM37 mus_musculus 67
panTro4 CHIMP2.1.4 pan_troglodytes 75
rheMac2 MMUL_1 macaca_mulatta 75
rn4 RGSC3.4 rattus_norvegicus 69
rn5 Rnor_5.0 rattus_norvegicus 75
sacCer2 EF3 saccharomyces_cerevisiae 63
sacCer3 EF4 saccharomyces_cerevisiae 74
sulfAcid1 GCA_000012285.1 sulfolobus_acidocaldarius_dsm_639 21

We also generated some annotation databases not in Ensembl, because of special requests from our users:

ID Assembly Species
AgamP38 Anopheles-gambiae-PEST_BASEFEATURES anopheles_gambiae
Gmax189 Gmax189 glycine_max
ITAG24 ITAG2.4 solanum_lycopersicum
SC5314A21 SC5314A21 candida_albicans
od1 oikopleura_gene_models oikopleura_dioica