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SheSharp is a non-profit foundation that makes it easier for all women and non-binary people to enter, stay, and grow in the Tech industry.


Shesharp is a non-profit foundation dedicated to making it easier for all women and non-binary individuals to enter, stay, and grow in the tech industry.

Get Involved

  • 🌟 Contribute: Join us in making a difference. Contribute to our projects. We welcome pull requests from assigned community members.
  • 🎓 Learn: Explore educational resources and attend workshops to enhance your skills.
  • 🤝 Connect: Join our community on Slack, attend events, and network with like-minded individuals.

For more information on how to get involved, visit our website:

🌐 Website:

Thank you for being part of our mission to create a more inclusive tech industry! 🚀


  1. knowledge-hub knowledge-hub Public

    The knowledge hub provides useful resources for SheSharp community members.

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  2. hackathon-2023.vanilla-js.base-example hackathon-2023.vanilla-js.base-example Public

    A hackathon starter template using JavaScript, HTML and CSS.

    HTML 4 7

  3. hackathon-2023.react-js.base-example hackathon-2023.react-js.base-example Public

    A react.js template for the 2023 SheSharp x Reaktor Hackathon.

    JavaScript 3 14

  4. .github .github Public

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