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App Service Acmebot

Automated ACME SSL/TLS certificates issuer for Azure App Service (Web Apps / Functions / Containers)

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We have started to address the following requirements:

  • Support for multiple App Services
  • Easy to deploy and configure
  • Highly reliable implementation
  • Ease of Monitoring (Application Insights, Webhook)

You can add multiple certificates to a single App Service.

Feature Support

  • Azure Web Apps and Azure Functions (Windows)
  • Azure Web Apps (Linux) / Web App for Containers (Windows and Linux, requires Azure DNS)
  • Azure App Service Environment (Windows and Linux)
  • Issuing a certificate to the Deployment Slot
  • Issuing certificates for Zone Apex Domains
  • Issuing certificates with SANs (subject alternative names) (one certificate for multiple domains)
  • Wildcard certificate (requires Azure DNS)
  • Support for multiple App Services in a single application
  • ACME-compliant Certification Authorities

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Azure (Public) Azure China Azure Government

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This project is licensed under the Apache License 2.0