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Key Vault Acmebot

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This application automates the issuance and renewal of ACME SSL/TLS certificates. The certificates are stored inside Azure Key Vault. Many Azure services such as Azure App Service, Application Gateway, CDN, etc. are able to import certificates directly from Key Vault.



We have started to address the following requirements:

  • Use the Azure Key Vault to store SSL/TLS certificates securely
  • Centralize management of a large number of certificates using a single Key Vault
  • Easy to deploy and configure solution
  • Highly reliable implementation
  • Ease of Monitoring (Application Insights, Webhook)

Key Vault Acmebot allows for secure and centralized management of ACME certificates.

Feature Support

  • Issuing certificates for Zone Apex, Wildcard and SANs (multiple domains)
  • Dedicated dashboard for easy certificates management
  • Automated certificate renewal
  • ACME v2 compliants Certification Authorities
  • Azure App Services (Web Apps / Functions / Containers, regardless of OS)
  • Azure CDN / Front Door / Application Gateway v2 / etc


Azure (Public) Azure China Azure Government

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This project is licensed under the Apache License 2.0