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Code for an AVR microcontroller to interface with a Game Boy Camera, pull images, and send over serial to a Java applet on a PC for display. Applet also controls camera settings.

Tested on Ardweeny (ATmega328P) and PC running XP

Note: No major work done on this project since Sep 15, 2010 :(

Arduino Code

After you clone the repository, create a link from your Arduino sketchbook directory to the gbcam_arduino directory. It should appear in the sketchbook when you open Arduino IDE.

Checking Out Source

You can download the source, or rather check it out from the repository. To check out the source, look for instructions on the Source tab. To browse the source, click Browse on the Source tab.

GBCam is checked in as a NetBeans IDE project. You can use NetBeans? to check out the files then open the project.

GBCam relies on the RXTX serial communications software library. You'll want RXTX-2.1-7R2 (maybe later versions will work, don't know). Place the appropriate jar and native library in the appropriate location for your operating system.

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