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nodejs + mongodb application composition framework (status:middle of development of beta)

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It is a framework to build database management apps (websites) with mongodb and node.js .

application structure:

in general there is global local variable


it is generally avalible in every file

an include file contains one function function main(app) // app is like dependeny injection { this // usualy: this=app, but might be an other object yo like to extend in this function{}; }

the app object contation libraries for example app.sys app.phpjs app.inflow

objects inside the app object

app.pages // controllers

//objects to clone and extend: app.basicmodel app.basicfields

it requires some effort to make this work because of many libraries not all of them included in gitmoduls also the documentation is not ready yet.

how it works: you define some models inside a module main function. by cloning and extending app.basicmodel and cloning and extending app.basicfields.somefiled

then you have a managment interface in http://hostname/admin/ and you can create "page" type controllers in +templates/website+ to build the website

a page is a templates_object as defined in double templets (nodejs meta templates) a page also contains a path or pathbegins propery it is for the router.

a module has setupfirst(app),setupfirst(app)

feel free to ask questions

I will give you guidence and help you setup this system.

this system is working in a website i develop for a customer.

old readme:

The idea:

the idea is to create somthing similar to's Phpmaker or Aspmaker or Microsoft Dot.NET 3 sp1 DynamicData application.

an application runtime generation framework. to generate nodejs+mongodb(+nginx) applications. in those modes of development you configure the data models, and all else is kind of, generated or code reused, to allow to create data managment web application quickly and easyly with very little effort.


The first idea about application structure was: the application is a single aplication but i can be defined in several moduls.

now i find it hard to implement everything i shared objects.

Logical app object model:

'- application |- shared_models |- shared_templates of the application |- shared_pages of pages '- shared_url_routes

the same in words:

the application object is shared and accesible between all moduls in the application. a module contains a part of application definition functions and objects. application definition can be spread between many moduls for convinience

a module extends the application object or the application's shared objects boted in the tree chart above.

it is posible to define a model in a module, then call kind of a macro function that adds all (edit,add,delete,list) functions and templates and urls to the application as defined by that model. also you can define all those by your self so you can make custom pages.

templates system:

what is good about phpmaker is that it allows you easyly define an application, what is good in dot net DynamicData is that the templates are like components. in templates you have: fields/textfiled.html, paritials/grid.html, pages/list.html at 1st all files composed together. later it is used as template.

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