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Open source eDiscovery
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FreeEed (Free Electronic Evidence Discovery) is open source software for legal discovery (eDiscovery). It is created and maintained by SHMsoft, Inc., and is licensed under Apache 2 license.


  • Works in Windows, Mac, Linux, VirtualBox, Amazon AWS cloud
  • Ability to process over 1,400 file types, including MS Office and PST files (Tika formats and more)
  • OCR
  • Culling
  • Document review
  • "Imaging" - that is, conversion of documents to PDF

Quick Start

Ready to start and just want to try, without building the project?

  1. Go to the Download section here, download the complete pack.
  2. Unzip.
  3. run start_all.bat in Windows, in Mac or Linux.

the same steps apply to the VirtualBox VM


Extensive documentation on the wiki here

How it works

FreeEed is built with Hadoop, Tika, Lucene, ElasticSearch and embodies best practices in Big Data systems.

Ethereum blockchain is integrated with FreeEed now.

FreeEedReview is a companion project that allows to do legal review of FreeEed-processed data. There are a few other nascent FreeEed* projects in the making, search them on GitHub.

To build the project

Start with the file for_developers_only

For assistance


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