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A Build pack that allows calling a jmeter script from a cf environment

  • This buildpack accepts a jmeter *.jmx file and other related files as the pushed artifacts.
  • The health-check-type should be set to none
  • The --no-route flage should be set
  • The script to be run must be supplied in an enviroment varaible named LOAD_SCRIPT
  • If the script can be used for multiple deployments with differing URLS) this can be set with the optional TEST_URL environment variable


  • jmeter process terminates after run will be determined to be application crashing, and attempts to restart will be made. Multiple script completions in a short time will result in the application being crashed.
  • jmeter stores results in memory and local files, this will eventually cause the container to crash and be restarted

Sample Manifest

- name: zload-port
  instances: 1
  memory: 1024M
  disk_quota: 1024M
  no-route: true
  health-check-type: none
  stack: cflinuxfs2
    LOAD_SCRIPT: portfolio-load.jmx
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