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ShockWallet Alpha

ShockWallet connects to a remote node and leverages GUN for a decentralized social layer.

Requires Shock API backend, and LND


  • Provider-less mobile notifications
  • LNURL Pay, Withdraw, Channel
  • GUN Identities
  • Private Encrypted Messaging
  • SendSide Payments
  • Invoice Auto-Responder

Download Android APK

Node installer available at shocknet/Wizard

Build from source


Requires Android Studio and React-Native CLI

git clone
cd wallet
yarn install
react-native run-android //to run in Android Studio emulator
npm run build:release //to build APK


Help Wanted

If you find any issues with this project, or would like to suggest an enhancement, please tell us.

ISC License © 2020 Shock Network, Inc.

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