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Stack Overflow Optional Features (SOOF)

IMPORTANT NOTICE: SOOF has been moved to and has been renamed to SOX! It's the same userscript, but better!!!

The following is retained for historical reasons.

A userscript for sites in the Stack Exchange Network to add a bunch of optional, user-selectable features via an easy-to-use control panel.

#How to use, requirements, how it works

  1. Install Tampermonkey (for Chrome), or Greasemonkey (for Firefox) or similar. These are userscript managers that are required for this script to work, because they also provide support for GM_* functions, which this script relies on to save the options you set!
  2. Install the script
  3. Go to any SE site (eg. or
  4. A dialog box should popup asking you to select the features you want

If you ever want to change your options, a link - add features - is added in your profile at the top right (not in the header)

You need to have a browser compatible with Greasemonkey, or Tampermokey (or similar), because this script relies on GM_* features, as mentioned above.

In case you're wondering, it works by using GM_setValue to save your options and then calling the appropiate functions according to your options.

#What features are included? In the latest version: (these link to their corresponding feature-request (from any site on the network), if applicable):

#Change Log

  • 15/01/15 - v0.2: Switched from cookies to GM setValue (thanks for idea @BrockAdams)
  • 16/01/15 - v0.3: Added more features (mentioned above)
  • 25/01/15 - v0.4: Added more features (mentioned above)
  • 22/02/15 - v0.5: Added more features (mentioned above), minor bug fix
  • 28/02/15 - v0.6: Bug fixes (thanks @IlmariKaronen):
    • Works on Firefox now
    • unspoil feature updated
    • Popup now shows in centre of screen
    • Show descriptions after checkbox
    • Update checkbox values to saved settings when you open the dialog box
    • No more auto-delete settings after you open the dialog box
    • No annoying alert when you don't choose any options / save the options
    • Renamed save button to something more fitting
    • Compatibility with new (currently MSE-only) profiles
  • 06/03/15 - v0.7: Added more features (mentioned above)
  • 22/03/15 - v0.8: Added more features (mentioned above)
  • 26/03/15 - v0.9:
    • Added more features (mentioned above),
    • updated kbdAndBullets function to make icons fit better
  • 29/03/15 - v1.0: Added more features (mentioned above)
  • 30/03/15 - v1.1: Added more features (mentioned above)
  • 30/04/15 - v1.2 (and 1.2.1):
    • Added more features (mentioned above),
    • updated employeeStar function for animuson(!) (and edited answerTagsSearch function)
  • 04/05/15 - v1.3: Added more features (mentioned above)
  • 26/05/15 - v1.4:
    • Added more features (mentioned above),
    • updated dialog styles to match SE style,
    • fixed some stuff that disappeared in a previous version that I forgot to add back (so some of the change log might be wrong :()
  • 13/07/15 - v1.5:
  • 08/09/15 - v1.6:
    • Removed no longer neccessary feature (implemented by SE now),
    • fixed bug where the mod diamond and help menu would merge together,
    • used my own SE Helper functions to avoid repetitive code in getting common info like site names, reputation, usernames, etc...,
    • removed fade effect on the metaChatBlogStackExchangeButton feature,
    • reimplemented the sticky vote buttons, to fix a few bugs!
  • 06/12/15 - v1.7:
    • Added more features (mentioned above),
    • Changed addSBSBtn function (Side-by-side editing) to use zsego's rewritten version to add more features: You can now use side-by-side editing in edits, and you can toggle it on and off! Thanks zsego! :)
    • Renamed project to Stack Overflow Optional Features, as suggested at #42
  • DEVELOP - v1.8: (mainly a 'behind the scenes' update :)
    • Fixed a bunch of bugs that had been standing for quite a while
    • Completed the rename of the project to SOOF (in the CSS and UI elements)
    • Added feature to sync option changes across all open tabs (Chrome-only), see this issue for details.

Descriptions of features (and how to use them)

  • Make the topbar fixed: Make the topbar stay at the top of the screen as you scroll down

  • Unfade low score answers: When you rollover posts with a score of -3 or less, ungray them out so you can read them properly This feature is now implemented by default by Stack Exchange, no longer needed in this script!

  • Move show more comments link to top: The show x more comments link is by default shown at the bottom of the comments section. But that can be annoying if you're trying to read through a 'conversation' - this will clone the link and put it before the actual comments as well

  • Ellipsis after long names: If you have a long username that gets cut off, this will add elipses instead. eg: very long username blah blah blah would normally be shown like very long username bl but this will make it very long username...

  • Rename chat tabs: Prefix all tabs on the chat section of the site with Chat -

  • Move start a bounty to after the question (instead of after comments): Pretty self explanatory

  • Make the bounty box draggable: The bounty box cannot be moved around, unlike other dialogs, this makes it draggable

  • Fade out vote signs on deleted answers: Deleted answers (which have a red background) cannot be voted on - so this slighly grays out the vote signs and vote count - it makes more sense!

  • Replace > bullet points with more normal ones: When suggesting edits, the box on the right has some 'tips', but those tips have > as their bullet symbol - this makes you think you can expand it - but you can't, so this replaces it with normal symbols

  • Differentiate between employees1: Add a star after names of employees (may be wrong, which is why the toolip says possible employee!

  • Remove exclamation mark on error: Pretty self explanatory

  • Highlight only the tags for your 'favourite questions': The default highlighing system for favourite questions can be pretty overwhelming - this removes the colouring and replaces it with only highlighting the tags of favourite questions, to make it more easy on the eye, and simpler

  • Show your username in the topbar: Pretty self explanatory

  • Colour the answerer's names in comments: Just like the OP's name in comments are highlighted, this highlights answerer's names in comments

  • Add KBD and Bullet options in editor toolbar: Adds buttons and shortcuts to surround selected text with kbd tags (alt + k) and add dashes (-) to a list to make it a list (alt + l)

  • Add pre-defined edit reason checkboxes on edit pages: Adds checkboxes under suggested edit Edit Reason textbox for adding user-defined reasons automatically. To set these reasons, go to help (in the topbar) > Edit Reasons

  • Change the 'share' link to show link as markdown format: Changes the link given in the 'share' link to one in markdown format. ie. url --> title

  • Add Ctrl+i,b,k support to comment fields: Allows you to italicise, bolden, and add code backticks to comments via keyboard shortcuts

  • Add a button to reveal spoilers in a post: Adds a button under a post to 'unspoil' all spoilers in that post - useful if there are loads of spoilers in a post

  • Highlight on hold/closed questions: Highlights on hold/closed questions when viewing question lists This has been replaces by the better feature Make it stand out that a question has been put on hold/closed/marked as a dupe/migrated in v1.4

  • Add shortcuts for adding pre-defined comments: Allows you to use keyboard shortcuts to insert user-defined shortcuts in comments. To change these comments, go to any post, click add a comments, press alt+o to open the dialog - from here you can edit/delete/add comments

  • Differentiate between empty blockquotes and spoilers: Adds hover to show spoiler to spoilers

  • Add reply links for quick replying: Adds reply links to comments to auto-insert the username of the commenter

  • Parse cross-site links to questions: Parses cross-site links when viewing them. eg. --> Blah Blah

  • Show answer counts on sidebar: Shows the answer counts to questions shown on the Linked/Related section on the sidebar in their tooltip I have removed this feature because I felt that it was sending to many API requests and I kept on getting throttle violations; I can only think other users would be facing this issue as well.

  • Button to add author's name to hyperlinks: Adds a button on the editor toolbar to show a dialog to insert a hyperlink with the post's author automatically fetched an inserted

  • Confirm when navigating away if you have started writing a comment: Adds a confirmation dialog before you navigate away on pages where you have started to write a comment

  • Allow you to sort bounties by their amout: Adds a filter on pages with bounties listed to sort by bounty amount (largest first or smallest first). Note: Only sorts bounties on the current page

  • Add a label when the question you are viewing is a 'hot-network question': Adds a label next to the title ad under view count if the current question is hot (over the network)

  • View links to imgur in comments inline: Converts links to imgur in comments to actual images to avoid clicks!

  • Show your comment and comment replies scores in your profile tabs: Adds a button next to comments in your profile page activities tab to show the comment's vote count

  • Show tags for the question an answer belongs to on search pages: Adds the tags for the question that an answer belongs to underneath the post when searching (for better context whilst searching)

  • Make the vote buttons sticky: Makes the vote buttons next to a post sticky whilst scrolling on that post

  • Show title edit diffs separately: Shows any title edits as separate green and red parts - so you can actually read the edit!

  • Show meta, chat and blog buttons on hover of a site under the StackExchange button: Self explanatory

  • Notify you if a new question has been posted on the current site's meta: Adds a diamond to the topbar that goes red if a new question has been posted on the current site's meta

  • Add better CSS for voting buttons (as is on Android SE currenly): Pulse on click and hover of voting button. Cool animation on click

  • Make it stand out that a question has been put on hold/closed/marked as a dupe/migrated: Adds a coloured box at the end of a title (that replaces the standard [duplicate], etc...) so you know instanly the state of a question

  • Add a tooltip to posts showing the latest revision's comment on 'edited [date] at [time]': Hovering over the edited [date] at [time] will show that post's latest revision comment

  • Add a button the the editor toolbar to start side-by-side editing: A button SBS is added to the editor toolbar when answering/asking a question. Clicking it will change some CSS to cause the preview and the markdown to appear side-by-side

  • Always show 'Link from the web' input field when uploading an image: Removes the annoying 'you can also provide a link from the web' button, and shows the URL input field by default! Code by Siguza! :)

  • Show the flag outcome time when viewing your flag history: Shows the time the flags were marked as helpful/declined/etc... in the flag history page (this is currently only a tooltip, so the script adds it as real text). More info here.

  • Add Scroll To Top button to the topbar: Adds a button to the topbar to scroll back to the top if the top of the page is more than 100px. Requires 'Fixed Topbar' to be enabled! More info here.

  • Show Overall Helpful Flag Percentage when viewing your flag history: Shows the overall helpful flag percentage when viewing your flag history, takes into concidertion pending, aged away and disputed flags. More info here The percentage is displayed in 5 colors:

    • 90% will be displayed in Green

    • 80% will be displayed in Blue

    • 70% will be displayed in Gold

    • 60% will be displayed in Orange

    • < 60% will be displayed in Red
  • View content of linked posts inline: Adds arrows to expand and show the content of linked posts (works only for links on the same site!)

I've 'migrated' this from my Gist over here because I think a proper repo is better - so I've 'edited' the script a few times in a few minutes at the start - those are the first 6 versions (0.1 up to and including 0.6).