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QuickJots is a web-app to jot down and auto-save any quick notes in your browser, using Markdown or plain-text. No registration is needed, and there is a dark mode available!

Both plain-text and markdown notes are supported (with the help of Showdown).

This repository contains all the source code for the web-app at

QuickJots is currently hosted using Netlify, so there is also a netlify.toml file in the root to configure Netlify.

Getting Started

If you want to contribute to QuickJots, or host it yourself, you'll need to fork this repo through GitHub, followed by:

QuickJots uses Webpack bundles the source code in this repo together into a static site. It uses a Service Worker to provide offline support.

The main Javascript code is in ./src/js -- the files all use the base window.quickjots object and add any needed functions and variables to this.

  1. git clone[username]/quickjots.git
  2. Ensure you have Node.JS installed (to bundle the files with Webpack)
  3. Run yarn install in the root repo directory to install the dependencies
  4. Run yarn start to run the webpack dev server on your local port 8080 whilst modifying the code. It will auto-reload on any change
  5. Run yarn build to run webpack in production mode to generate files in dist/. These files contain the static site, for you to host yourself if you want

Note you might want to disable the Service Worker in dev-mode if you are testing many changes locally, otherwise you'll see old code working instead of your new code! There's also a 'update on reload' option in Chrome Dev Tools for Service Workers if you don't want to disable it for dev-mode.


Any contributions like bug reports, feature requests or pull requests are welcome!

There is an ESLint config in .eslintrc.json, but in short the main code-style is:

  • use 2-space indentation
  • use spaces for indentation
  • use semicolons at the end of statements
  • use arrow functions where possible


A web-app to jot down and auto-save any quick notes, all in your browser! Use Markdown or plain-text, no registration needed, dark mode available!








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