cinnamon extension that tiles windows as you like.
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Update with installation instructions


for cinnamon 2.x

This extension has been developped by vibou. Cinnamon-fork by shuairan.

Cinnamon Spices: gTile


Either install using the extensions manager or for manual installation:

clone from github

git clone

then copy/move to extensions folder

mv gTile ~/.local/share/cinnamon/extensions/gTile@shuairan


Super+Space open gTile (you can change this on extension-settings)
then use mouse or keyboard:
Esc close gTile
ARROWS move with keyboard
Shift+ARROWS select area
Space or Enter tile the selected area

Additional Information:

Cinnamon has also an own window tiling function with various hotkeys Learn more about it
this extension will provide an other way to tile your window, via a small overlay on your currently focused application


  • v0.7

    • Cinnamon 2.4
    • put all settings to extension setting screen
    • AutoTile: only tile non-minimized windows
    • AutoTile: improve on multi monitor (only tile windows in current screen)
  • v0.6

    • merge some upstream changes from vibou.gTile (V21)
    • exclude some apps with no wm_class. This is a wild guess to find apps which should not be tiled (like Hangouts)
    • hide on escape
    • better multi-monitor support
    • new feature: select and tile by keyboard (move with Arrows, Shift+Arrow to select area, space or enter to tile window)

for full changelog see