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System Engineering and requirements management application
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System Engineering and requirements management application



  • Manage Stakeholders, Requirements, Functions and Products in one place and link them together
  • Record Requirements and Actions trough the "meeting" panel
  • Build the project breakdown structure
  • Generate overview diagrams, ERD and mindmaps from the project relations
  • Produce text specifications based on your model
  • Create interfaces matrix from specific part of your project
  • Link pictures and documents to your Products and Requirements
  • Perform V&V on your projects
  • Schedule your projects with Gantt charts

Lists ERD Meetings Meetings Meetings Meetings Interfaces

Getting Started

Download the latest version from the Release page.

Once the appropriate ZIP file has been downloaded for your platform, extract it, run "Ephemeris" and follow the instructions.

  • Create a new user. This will be you personal session.
  • Fill in your profile
  • Once logged in, two default projects are already available. Focus on one of them or go to "Manage projects" in the settings menu to rename, add, or re-order the projects.
  • When focused on a project, you can go to different views and edit the projects products, functions and requirements.
  • The "Relations" and "Interfaces" views allow you to edit the project from a network diagram

Build and run

install dependencies

npm install

build nwjs

npm run build
# Ephemeris will build into "build/release/Ephemeris"
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