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Semantic Scene Completion from a Single Depth Image

This repo contains training and testing code for our paper on semantic scene completion, a task for producing a complete 3D voxel representation of volumetric occupancy and semantic labels for a scene from a single-view depth map observation. More information about the project can be found in our paper and project webset


If you find SSCNet useful in your research, please cite:

  author     = {Song, Shuran and Yu, Fisher  and Zeng, Andy and Chang, Angel X and Savva, Manolis and Funkhouser, Thomas},
  title      = {Semantic Scene Completion from a Single Depth Image},
  journal    = {arXiv preprint arXiv:1611.08974},
  year       = {2016},


  1. Organization
  2. Installation
  3. Quick Demo
  4. Testing
  5. Training
  6. Visualization and Evaluation
  7. Data Preparation


The code and data is organized as follows:

         |-- matlab_code
         |-- caffe_code
                    |-- caffe3d_suncg
                    |-- script
         |-- data
                |-- depthbin
                    |-- NYUtrain 
                        |-- xxxxx_0000.png
                        |-- xxxxx_0000.bin
                    |-- NYUtest
                    |-- NYUCADtrain
                    |-- NYUCADtest
                    |-- SUNCGtest
                    |-- SUNCGtrain01
                    |-- SUNCGtrain02
                    |-- ...
                |-- eval
                    |-- NYUtest
                    |-- NYUCADtest
                    |-- SUNCGtest
            |-- models
            |-- results


  1. Download the data: (1.1 G) Updated on Sep 27 2017
  2. Download the pretrained models: (9.9M)
  3. [optional] Download the training data: (16 G)
  4. [optional] Download the results: (8.2G)


  1. Software Requirements:

    1. Requirements for Caffe and pycaffe (see: Caffe installation instructions)
    2. Matlab 2016a or above with vision toolbox
    3. OPENCV
  2. Hardware Requirements: at least 12G GPU memory.

  3. Install caffe and pycaffe.

    1. Modify the config files based on your system. You can reference Makefile.config.sscnet_example.
    2. Compile
    cd caffe_code/caffe3d_suncg
    # Now follow the Caffe installation instructions here:
    make -j8 && make pycaffe
  4. Export path

    export LD_LIBRARY_PATH=~/build_master_release/lib:/usr/local/cudnn/v5/lib64:~/anaconda2/lib:$LD_LIBRARY_PATH
    export PYTHONPATH=~/build_master_release/python:$PYTHONPATH

Quick Demo:

cd demo

This demo runs semantic scene compeletion on one NYU depth map using our pretrained model and outputs a '.ply' visulization of the result.


  1. Run the testing script cd caffe_code/script/test python
  2. The output results will be stored in folder results in .hdf5 format
  3. To test on other testsets (e.g. suncg, nyu, nyucad) you need to modify the paths in “”.


  1. Finetuning on NYU cd caffe_code/train/ftnyu ./
  2. Training from scratch cd caffe_code/train/trainsuncg ./
  3. To get more training data from SUNCG, please refer to the SUNCG toolbox

Visualization and Evaluation:

  1. After testing, the results should be stored in folder results/

  2. You can also download our precomputed results: ./

  3. Run the evaluation code in matlab:

    matlab &
    cd matlab_code
  4. The visualization of results will be stored in results/nyucad as “.ply” files.


  1. Data format
    1. Depth map : 16 bit png with bit shifting. Please refer to ./matlab_code/utils/readDepth.m for more information about the depth format.
    2. 3D volume: First three float stores the origin of the 3D volume in world coordinate. Then 16 float of camera pose in world coordinate. Followed by the 3D volume encoded by run-length encoding. Please refer to ./matlab_code/utils/readRLEfile.m for more details.
  2. Example code to convert NYU ground truth data: matlab_code/perpareNYUCADdata.m This function provides an example of how to convert the NYU ground truth from 3D CAD model annotations provided by: Guo, Ruiqi, Chuhang Zou, and Derek Hoiem. "Predicting complete 3d models of indoor scenes." You need to download the original annotations by runing
  3. Example code to generate testing data without ground truth and room boundary: matlab_code/perpareDataTest.m This function provides an example of how to generate your own testing data without ground truth labels. It will generate a the .bin file with camera pose and an empty volume, without room boundary.

Generating training data from SUNCG

You can generate more training data from SUNCG by following steps:

  1. Download SUNCG data and toolbox from:
  2. Compile the toolbox.
  3. Download the voxel data for objects ( and move the folder under SUNCG data directory.
  4. Run the script: genSUNCGdataScript() You may need to modify the following paths:suncgDataPath, SUNCGtoolboxPath, outputdir.


Code is released under the MIT License (refer to the LICENSE file for details).