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The Ruby programming language, unofficial mirror.


Q. Why another Ruby mirror? There is already rubyspec/matzruby

A. Status changed and now that we have official ruby mirror, the description below is a bit obsolete. This repo is now for mainly historical reasons.

The main problem (for me) with rubyspec/matzruby was that it’s a read-only repository (and I’m a committer). When I want to use git to develop Ruby I have to make another mirror for me.

Another big reason for this repo for you is that when you fork this project, you can pull-request. I can commit to the Ruby’s main repository. See NonCommitterHowto.

Q. Is this mirror out of date?

A. Many thanks to Shugo Maeda and his team, I now have automated svn→git synchronization script. It runs once per hour.

Q. I’m a committer and I want to commit to the Ruby’s canonical repository, not by sending pull requests. Can I?

A. Yes. You can do a git svn dcommit, but you need a few more steps to do before you can trigger that. See CommitterHowto.

Q. There are so many branches! Which one should I use?

A. Those tags/* branches are for svn tag (created by git-svn). You can ignore them. I will write BranchesExplored some day.

Q. I found a bug!

A. Report it. http://redmine.ruby-lang.org/projects/ruby/issues/new

Q. Are there any more info about Ruby development?

A. Ruby’s ITS has this kind of info in its own wiki. Take a look at http://redmine.ruby-lang.org/wiki/ruby