Easily migrate your existing React codebase to use i18n
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AST i18n

The objective of this tool is to make easy to migrate an existing codebase to use i18n

How it works

  • it gets a list of files from the command line
  • it runs a babel plugin transform to find all string inside JSXText
  • it generates a stable key for the extracted strings
  • it generates i18n files format based on this map
  • it modify your existing code to use i18n library of your preference


Before this transform

import React from 'react';

const Simple = () => (
  <span>My simple text</span>

After this transform

import React from 'react';
import { withTranslation } from 'react-i18next'

const Simple = ({ t }) => (

Usage of string extractor

yarn start --src=myapp/src
  • It will generate a resource.jsx file, like the below:
export default {
  translation: {
   'ok': `ok`,
   'cancelar': `cancelar`,
   'continuar': `continuar`,
   'salvar': `salvar`,
   'endereco': `endereço:`,
   'troca_de_senha': `troca de senha`,
   'dados_pessoais': `dados pessoais`,
   [key]: 'value',

How to use resource with react-i18next?

  • rename resource.tsx to your main language, like en.ts
  • create other resource languages based on the generated one
import en from './en';

  resources: {
  fallbackLng: 'ptBR',
  debug: false,

  interpolation: {
    escapeValue: false, // not needed for react!!
    formatSeparator: ',',

  react: {
    wait: true,

Usage of i18n codemod

npm i -g jscodeshift

jscodeshift -t src/i18nTransfomerCodemod.ts PATH_TO_FILES