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Sibuserv – Simple Build Server

Copyright: 2015-2018 Boris Pek <>
License: MIT (Expat)


This project includes collection of tools which allows to setup simple build
server based on cross-compilation for target systems. This server will be able
to follow changes in specified git, subversion and/or mercurial repositories
(git-svn and git-remote-hg are supported as well), to make builds and to do
static code analisys (optionally) for each commit in your qmake-, cmake- and/or
autotools-based projects.

Currently supported target systems:
* different GNU/Linux systems (tested for i486, i586, amd64 and armhf)
* MS Windows (tested for i686 and x86_64)
* Android (tested for ARMv7 and x86)
And maybe one day Sibuserv will be able to build C++ apps for macOS too.

This project is not self-contained, it depends on few other projects:
* LXE – Linux cross-toolchain environment
* MXE – M cross environment (for MS Windows)
* aplump – plump Android (for Android)
* official Qt SDK (for Android)

There is special Sibuserv Web UI which allows to browse build results and
distribute assembled executables among authorized users (with delimitation of
access rights, etc.). Its usage is convenient but is not mandatory. You may
provide access to build results via Samba, any FTP or HTTP server, using one
of file hosting services and so on.

For information how to install and how to use Sibuserv see file INSTALL.


Useful links:

Important notes:
If you want to distribute statically linked binaries, you have to check the
license compatibility very carefully. Even if your projects are free and/or
open-source software.