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Container engines per default log all container output into journald
(Podman) or a json file (Docker).

A build with kas-container/bitbake containes lots of useless build
output like progress lines, etc.

In case of Podman, where journald is used, this means that all this is
spammed into the journald buffer and possible also send to ttys or even
serial ttys. This might make sense for containers that output only
status information about running services, but for a build process, this
is mostly just spamming and causes important information to be lost.

Since the stdout/stderr output of the container is used for
kas-container ordinarily, the background logging from the container
image can be deactivated.

Therefor add the `--log-driver=none` parameter to all container
runtimes command lines.

Signed-off-by: Claudius Heine <>
Signed-off-by: Jan Kiszka <>

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Setup tool for bitbake based projects

Build Status

This tool provides an easy mechanism to setup bitbake based projects.

The OpenEmbedded tooling support starts at step 2 with bitbake. The downloading of sources and then configuration has to be done by hand. Usually, this is explained in a README. Instead kas is using a project configuration file and does the download and configuration phase.

Key features provided by the build tool:

  • clone and checkout bitbake layers
  • create default bitbake settings (machine, arch, ...)
  • launch minimal build environment, reducing risk of host contamination
  • initiate bitbake build process

See the kas documentation for further details.