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Siemens Open Source

Responsible. Excellent. Innovative.

Siemens uses, maintains and contributes to Open Source. Click on the badges below to find more Siemens-powered open source projects!

IOT2050 Industrial Edge Mendix Industrial IoT TIA Portal SIMATIC AX


  1. SIMATIC IOT2000 Yocto Board Support Package

    C 119 83

  2. jailhouse Public

    Linux-based partitioning hypervisor

    C 1.6k 303

  3. Simple UEFI boot loader with support for safely switching between current and updated partition sets

    C 69 26

  4. SIMATIC IOT2050 Isar/Debian Board Support Package

    Python 112 56

  5. kas Public

    Setup tool for bitbake based projects

    Python 254 120