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Python client for Signal stickers

A client to interact with the Signal stickers API.

  • Fetch sticker packs
  • Get images files
  • Upload sticker packs
  • etc.

Note: despite its name, this client does not interacts with, so information defined there (tags, etc.) will not be fetched.

This client connects to the Signal sticker API. Please do not flood it (you'll be blocked anyway).


pip3 install --user signalstickers-client

This module requires cryptography, protobuf, anyio, and httpx (but they should be installed with the previous command).


If you are not familiar with Signal stickers, read first.

Downloading a pack

The StickerPack object returned by await StickersClient().get_pack(<pack_id>, <pack_key>) exposes the following attributes:

  • id: str the pack id. Equals to pack_id;
  • key: str the pack key. Equals to pack_key;
  • title: str the title of the pack;
  • author: str the author of the pack;
  • nb_stickers: int the number of stickers in the pack;
  • cover: Sticker the cover sticker;
  • stickers: list[Sticker] the list of stickers in the pack

A Sticker object exposes the following attributes:

  • id: int the id of the sticker in the pack;
  • emoji: str the emoji mapped to this sticker;
  • image_data: bytes the webp image of the sticker.

Uploading a pack

Same thing, but use LocalStickerPack (that does not contains id and key) instead of StickerPack.

You will need your Signal credentials!

To obtain them, run the Signal Desktop app with the flag --enable-dev-tools, open the Developer Tools, change the JavaScript context from top to Electron Isolated Context (cf. video below), and type window.reduxStore.getState().items.uuid_id to get your USER, and window.reduxStore.getState().items.password to get your PASSWORD.

Video: how to set JavaScript context

Example usage

See examples/


  • Create a pipenv with pipenv install --dev;
  • Edit the code you want;
  • Don't forget to launch tests with pipenv run py.test.



This is not an official Signal project. This is an independant project.
Signal is a registered trademark in the United States and other countries.


Romain Ricard