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A collection of toolkits for building a better web
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A collection of toolkits and libs for building a better web

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The siimple project started as a small css framework with basic UI elements.


Check our CONTRIBUTING guide to get started.


Looking for support?

For questions and support please join our Gitter chat or tweet us at @siimplecss.

How is this repository structured?

The siimple repository is managed as a monorepo with many packages.

Where are the docs?

The documentation of public packages of this monorepo is available at

How to report a bug or request a feature for a package?

Issues for all packages are available at siimple/issues.

Before submit an issue, please specify in the issue the package the issue is related to (for example, in the issue title or using the label of the package).


Code and documentation of siimple © 2015-present the siimple team. The code is released unde the MIT License and the documentation is released under the Creative Commons CC BY 4.0 License.

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