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Sil-Q is a computer role-playing game with a strong emphasis on discovery and tactical combat. It has a simple but rich combat system which allows for a great variety of choice.

Sil-Q continues the development of Sil which hasn't been updated for a while.

Compiling Instructions

Compiling Sil-Q is not very difficult, and has been tested on Windows and Linux.

Makefiles for various other systems still exist as a legacy from Sil. If you manage to build Sil-Q for a system other than Windows or Linux please create a git branch with any changes necessary, update this file and open a github pull request against

The first step is the same on all systems, so do this and then look through this file for advice on your specific system.

  1. Install the Sil source code:

    Unzip the file "". It will become a folder called "Sil" which contains subfolders called "lib" and "src". Move it to wherever you want to keep it. The src folder contains all the source code while the lib folder contains other files that the game uses. When you are done compiling, the game will be automatically installed in the Sil folder as well.

Linux or Unix with gcc (tested with Sil-Q)

There are several different unix setups for Sil-Q:

X11: Allows multiple windows, has correct colours. GCU: Works in a terminal using 'curses', has only 16 or 8 colours. CAP: Works even in old terminals, but is monochrome.

  1. Mess with the Makefile:

    Edit Makefile.std in the src directory. Look for the section listing multiple "Variations". Choose the variation that you like best. Remove the # comments from that section's code. Comment out the default section.

  2. Compile Sil-Q:

    Run "make -f Makefile.std install" in the src directory.

  3. Run Sil-Q:

    Go back to the Sil folder and start Sil-Q with "sil".

Windows with Cygwin (tested with Sil-Q)

  1. Getting the free Cygwin compiler:

    Download the free Cygwin compiler. It provides a shell interface very similar to a normal Unix/Linux shell with many useful tools. Install it and start the Cygwin terminal.

    Note you will have to ensure "make" and the mingw C compiler are installed as they may not be included in your Cygwin default installation.

  2. Compile Sil-Q:

    In the Cygwin terminal change to the src directory and run "make -f Makefile.cyg install". Sil should now be compiled and installed into the Sil folder.
    The executable file will be called Sil.exe.

  3. Run Sil-Q:

    Go back to the Sil folder and run Sil.exe.

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