@sil-quirk sil-quirk released this Jun 27, 2018 · 1 commit to master since this release

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This is the Sil-Q official release.

Sil-Q is a fork of Sil. It concentrates on rebalancing the game so that all items and skills have some use in the right circumstances. It also aims to make Sil an easier game for newbies to get started with and a harder game for experienced players to master. Killing Morgoth is much more challenging than before, but escaping to the surface is far less tedious.

Over a dozen skills in Sil have been replaced, and even more have been tweaked. Some skills were replaced because they were too weak; some were replaced because they were far too strong and made other skills unnecessary.

There are many new objects, artefacts and even a few new monsters. Many bugfixes and enhancements from the previous mpa-sil and ebering-sil forks have been also folded into Sil-Q.

Release 1.4 tries to be a better Sil. Please download it and try it, and if you want to tell me you love it or hate it or even that you've found a bug, make a post on the Sil forum.

If you want an overview of all the changes made since Sil 1.3, please visit https://github.com/sil-quirk/sil-q/blob/master/lib/docs/changes.txt.

Otherwise, the changes from the previous prerelease version can be found below.

Prerelease Changes
- Arrows from orc skeletons are now properly identified.
- Tunnelling creatures forget about tunnelling while fleeing.
- Bad weight cost calculation fixed for smithing.
- Radiance bow IDing fix.
- Vengeful feelings end with death.

- Dagger slays are removed (these daggers were mostly worse than poison), new dagger special added.
- Polearm stats are further buffed.
- New artefact and new potion added. Staff of Entrapment, which would not ID, replaced with new (bad) staff which does ID readily.
- Cursed rings and amulets which degraded stats or skills are gone.
- Exchange Places is cheaper, Opportunist more expensive.
- Longbows are less smith-friendly.
- Song of Fierce Blows is now called Song of Overwhelming.
- Attacks of opportunity made against characters shooting at point blank range now roll against half evasion.
- Song of Thresholds uses less voice.

New toys:
- Knowing monster info is now a toggleable option.
- A new challenge mode starts you with 50K XP. You will not gain any more. See if you can get a Sil with it.
- New skill - Eye for Detail replaced by Quick Study, which lets you skip prerequisites and buy the skills you want directly.
- Arrows from radiant bows occasionally stun light sensitive monsters.

@sil-quirk sil-quirk released this Apr 19, 2018 · 36 commits to master since this release

Assets 4

Various cleaning and tidying changes as release nears. Some new toys as well, though...


  • Silly bug with [ and ] mishandling line of sight items fixed.
  • Corner case with Rapid Attack, Impale and Two-Weapon Fighting handled
  • Betrayal more frequent.
  • Staffs of Self-Knowledge now pick up betrayal and cheat death items.
  • Users using hjkl movement are no longer told to press 'k' to destroy the crown.


  • Subtlety reverts to -2 to critical calculations, and Finesse goes from -1 to -2. This change happened after running combat simulations showed Power was now better than Finesse in almost all cases, even for longswords.
  • One-handed spears lose their accuracy penalty. Again, combat simulation showed them as overly weak. Even after the buff longswords are usually better.
  • Polearm Mastery bonus is now +2 instead of +1.
  • Alchemy has swapped places with Concentration after many people echoed the thought it was too good to be so low. Determining if an item is cursed has moved to Forewarned.
  • Staffs of Self Knowledge and Understanding now drop a little bit sooner than before.
  • Jewellers can now ID jewellery, after a suggestion by seraph.
  • Jewellery costs tweaked extensively. Protection rings are cheaper than ever, Perception and Will costs are also lowered and no longer cost experience. There should now be much more useful stuff between 8 smithing and 14 smithing. More artefact skill options added.
  • Other smithing costs also tweaked, with extra damage sides on weapons becoming cheaper to smith in particular. Making weapons extremely light has become more expensive however.
  • Lorien and Mastery buff reverted to return them to original Sil levels; having now extensive experience with Lorien I am no longer concerned it is in any way underpowered.
  • Expertise buffed to remove all stat and experience Smithing costs; it was underused.
  • Coup de Grace removed. Dexterity back in its original place. Coup de Grace also unloved.
  • Forewarned buffed: now grants 1/3rd Perception as bonus to Evasion.
  • Song of Challenge slightly more nuanced than before.
  • Song of Thresholds buffed: now grants +1/3rd Song to Evasion and Melee while standing in a doorway.
  • Orc skeletons now can contain arrows (as originally intended), cloaks and meat.

New toys:

  • Two new craftable pieces of jewellery.
  • Song of Valour has been replaced with Song of Fierce Blows, which stuns your opponents and substantially decreases their ability to hurt you.
  • We now have a Sil-Q manual.

UPDATE: First attempt to upload the Windows release ran into a distribution issue. If you downloaded the Windows release and don't have the apex directory, please re-download.


@sil-quirk sil-quirk released this Feb 6, 2018 · 70 commits to master since this release

Assets 3

A few bugfixes, a few tweaks, some new toys.

Perhaps the most exciting new toy for some will be the addition of the [ and ] key bindings - these show all objects and monsters within line of sight or on screen.

Smithing has lost Song of Aule, but has gained more abilities to put on artefacts, cheaper slays, resists, damage and protection, and negative effects now act to discount standard ego items. This is a further attempt at making Smithing more viable in the mid-game and less broken in the end-game.

Coup de Grace has moved to Stealth; given the first Morgoth kill was a stealth character, it could be seen as odd that this is effectively powering up Stealth. I suspect though that the larger factors in that victory were the Smithing and the Songs and the new skill would not have made a huge difference; this may make more combat-oriented stealth more viable.

Melee characters have a couple of powerful new toys in Anticipate and Song of Valour. Morgoth has been buffed a little to compensate.

There are new artefacts, a new curse and a new effect. Also a new spider.


  • Recharging staff exploit fixed.
  • Morgoth angering now processes before mastery or Lorien effects.
  • Whirlwind Attack works with Follow-Through (and also Rapid Attack).
  • Super-tunneling gone from kemenrauko and nameless ones - they now tunnel more slowly than you walk.


  • Mewlip blind is weakened, Balcmeg and Lug will and perception are toned down.
  • Made giants throw boulders a little more often.
  • Monster perception adjustment for early levels tweaked slightly - it was +3 for the first 5 levels down to +0 for the last 5, now it runs +2 to -1. I felt after making pacifism runs in original Sil that +3 was a lot.
  • Various smithing changes. Weaponsmithing has gained from cheaper damage sides and slays. The major resists have got cheaper, and many more abilities are now available in places that better match artifacts.
  • Negative effects on non-artefact items now reduce smithing costs, so e.g. a Shadow Cloak of Winter's Chill is worth making.
  • The prerequisites on Forewarned were removed.
  • Ring of Venom's End drops earlier, and Daggers of Accompaniment now grant +EV (they're parrying daggers after all).

New toys:

  • Song of Delvings drops to 6, replacing Song of Aule. It works faster, detects secret doors and traps, and reduces tunneling difficulty.
  • Song of Valour comes in at 10 (I wanted to call it Song of Breathless Deeds but the name wouldn't fit). It increases Strength and Dexterity by 3, may stun enemies with Will below your Song score, and drains health as well as voice.
  • Coup de Grace moved to Stealth, costing 11 points and moving the Dex point to 12. It now provides guaranteed kills on enemies with HP under your stealth score.
  • New melee skill: Anticipate, requires 12 Melee - rerolls misses up to twice against aggressive opponents. Requires Power or Song of Challenge.
  • New spider quite early on.
  • [ and ] show lists of monsters and objects; pressed twice they toggle between viewing line-of-sight and everything on screen.
  • New effect: cheat death. Saves you from a fatal blow at 1 HP, curing negative status effects and giving you the next move. Amulets of Adornment are now Amulets of Last Chances.
  • New curse: betrayal. New artefacts added. Swords and shields grow heavy and lay you open to maximum damage from a blow, helms fall over your eyes and blind you, rings and amulets slip from your finger and neck and alert all your surrounding enemies. They're all primed to pick the worst moment for this, though the curse will not kill you by itself and is triggered rarely.

@sil-quirk sil-quirk released this Nov 27, 2017 · 117 commits to master since this release

Assets 3

This release mainly tweaks things, fixes some bugs and pulls in some mpa-sil improvements.

Subtlety now makes Crits an extra point cheaper. Rings of Archery have become Rings of Cowardice. Robes of Permanence have gone, armour of Nogrod has arrived (I renamed the great axe). Regeneration no longer costs hunger when you're not healing.

Sils are very much easier to cut. Morgoth is easier to hurt, but gets angrier and more dangerous. He also gets angrier and more dangerous the more Sils you take. The new songs have all been upgraded a little bit and Rout has been weakened some.

Bugfixes and convenience:

  • weird and random earthquakes should be gone now
  • guaranteed forges should be always guaranteed
  • mithril smelting in used forges is in
  • recognise healing potions when healthy
  • broken door glyph is changed to a grey ' as per mpa-sil
  • passive identification is much faster
  • forges are guaranteed to have 3 uses minimum
  • smithing menu fixed
  • Song of Aule mentions that it grants rFire
  • mpa-sil dump additions are in
  • using empty staves or failing to pick things up no longer wastes a turn

@sil-quirk sil-quirk released this Nov 14, 2017 · 150 commits to master since this release

Assets 3

Morgoth is still killable. But probably not by you.

Morgoth is much tougher, and gets harder to kill as he gets more damaged. Someone will doubtless manage to kill him sooner or later, but a three-sil victory with Morgoth alive is probably easier than a Morgoth kill now. Getting a Sil and getting out is definitely easier. The throne room enemies crowd you less at the start, Morgoth's crown takes less to knock off, and the Sils yield themselves up to three different tests, only one of which is helped by Sharpness. When fleeing to the surface, all the stairs are upshafts and downshafts, going 100 ft at a time and there are twice as many of them.

Song of Slaying has gone away. Song of Sharpness has gone away. Song of Este has gone away (this I was more torn on, but I don't think I've heard of anyone using it since it was last buffed).

What's new?

Song of Challenge makes enemies too aggressive to think straight. This means archers and scouts will close to melee range, and enemies will pile into corridors after you without waiting to flank you. Of course, making everyone who can hear you upset and aggressive probably has some downsides, but I can't think what they might be.

Song of Thresholds lets you turn every door into a Glyph of Warding. The better you sing, the better your ward. The best warding is nearly unbreakable. You also gain a bonus to Evasion when defending a threshold.

Song of Delvings slowly reveals the permanent features of the map around you, along with any creatures of stone that might be slinking through those rocky passages.

Song of Aule has more of a forge flavour, and also grants resist fire.

Vengeance is a skill that replaces Defiance on the Will tree; it grants you an extra damage die when you get injured in melee. It goes away when you score a successful hit, and I'm afraid you can't stack damage dice by getting hit a lot; my testing confirmed that that got very broken very fast.

Leaping now jumps all traps except roosts and webs.

Mewlips no longer have map rot. They should still present some challenge.

Horns of Blasting damage creatures of stone.

Lug is a bit less lethal again.

There are other minor bugfixes but probably not in areas many people noticed.

Savefiles are broken between version and now save as 1.3.2 - this is so anyone actually killing Morgoth now has their bragging rights visible from the version.


@sil-quirk sil-quirk released this Oct 30, 2017 · 164 commits to master since this release

Assets 3

Lots going on in this update.

Smithing has had a substantial reworking. Artistry is gone. You can now modify item stats simply from having Weaponsmith or Armoursmith. It's not quite as cheap as it was. Slays are cheaper, sustains are cheaper, resistances are cheaper; sharpness is more expensive. Abilities cost less experience at the lower end and more at the higher end; they're very slightly cheaper to add. There have been a lot of little tweaks, please play around and see what you think.

Expertise is the new smithing skill. It reduces your costs by half, rounding down. A lot of things that you'd otherwise only craft with a Herb of Restoration handy are now more easily available once you have the skill.

Smashing Blow is gone for something more interesting: Coup de Grace. It's now possible to satisfyingly murder enemies whose health is less than your combined strength and dexterity without any prospect of them escaping. You can use this to finish off almost dead enemies or swat a fragile evasive thing. At the moment there are no prerequisites; I rely on your feedback to let me know how much balancing it will need.

Lorekeeper and Loremaster are gone. Alchemy takes up the slack for identifying potions and herbs and staves, and tells you when things are cursed. Someone capable of enchanting items with Enchantment can tell precisely what enchantments are present on an item. Forewarned tells you all about enemy stats, and adds a hefty bonus of 1/4 your Perception to your Evasion - provided you've invested more into the former than the latter.

Skeletons are searchable. Orc skeletons will give you fairly terrible stuff which will probably still be worth considering at 50 feet. Other skeletons may do better for you.

Light levels give bonuses to perception for traps and secret doors. The worst traps (acid and false floors) are easier to disarm than before.

Horns have been overhauled. They now work like breath weapons. In particular Horns of Force behave quite differently (and IMO more usefully) than they did.

Daggers and sceptres and crowns are now more likely to have enchantments on. Longswords and bastard swords will be a little rarer early on.

Artifact rarity has been rebalanced a bit. Some non-broken artifacts have been made less rare, but artifacts are rarer in general.

Rog's hammer is in. It is suitably powerful, but is not without dangers.

Various other bugfixes are in: monster protection is applied to earthquakes, !a inscription no longer lets you spot invisible monsters, Gorthaur is back to summoning Oathwraiths.

Broken swords are out. A new artifact spear is in.



@sil-quirk sil-quirk released this Oct 15, 2017 · 177 commits to master since this release

Assets 3

Savefile compatible with release 2, but watch out for skills changing.

Blunt weapons do bonus damage against armour. Armour only absorbs 3/4 of the damage the blunt weapon deals - this is better than 25% Sharpness where the amount of damage you would do is less than the armour roll. Damage dice remain low to compensate.

Whirlwind attack tweaked further; it now has a 50% chance of halting every time you deal damage.

Careful Shot is now replaced by Rout, aim with +5 to hit against fleeing enemies. This gives casual archers a good tool particularly in the early game, but is unlikely to be overpowered late on.

Merged Clarity, Mind over Body and Resist Fear into a new skill, Indomitable.

Moved Strength in Adversity to Mind over Body's slot. It now boosts Dex as well.

New skill - Defiance - saves you from a death-blow and sets your current and max HP equal to your Will.

256-colour terminal support.

mpa-sil screen centering fix merged.

Gorged status is gone. Eating more than you can stomach only spurs your digestion to new heights (you still shouldn't eat all your food at once, but you'll manage to get that herb or potion in when full).

Artifact with Throwing Mastery replaced.

Concentration prerequisite removed.

Song of Este prerequisite removed. Song of Este boosted a little. Now sustains stats as well. This is a temporary fix until the Song tree can be more properly reworked.

Deathblades gone, two new orc uniques added.

@sil-quirk sil-quirk released this Oct 8, 2017 · 189 commits to master since this release

Assets 3

Forges are now guaranteed (or should be) at 100, 300, 500, 700 and 900.

Channeling now lets you get twice as much out of staves.

Monsters scared off the level give experience.

Ring of Damage is now Ring of Archery.

Slow Poison is now Antidote.

Polearms of Piercing, Warhammers of Crushing, Quarterstaffs of Vaulting added.

Quarterstaffs now 2d4.

Version updated to 1.3.1-q for dump, 1.3.1 for savefile.
Savefile compatibility is broken!

Small boost to Song of Lorien, Song of Mastery.

Throwing Mastery gloves replaced with new artifact.


@sil-quirk sil-quirk released this Oct 4, 2017

Assets 3
  • Throwing Mastery is gone.

  • Knock Back is moved into its place.

  • Impale replaces Momentum. Impale works with Rapid Attack, but not with Whirlwind Attack.

  • Smashing Blow is where Knock Back used to be.

  • Whirlwind Attack is no longer restricted by walls.

  • Strength prerequisite is gone.

  • Song of Freedom prerequisite removed.

  • Filthy rags removed.

  • Cruel Blow and Crippling Shot rebalanced - more chance of connecting at lower critical levels, less at higher.

  • Stealth boosted a little bit - on early levels, monsters are less alert