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Web dashboard for your local network
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Web dashboard for your local network



  • Fully customizable buttons for your services (color, icon, URL, additional CSS)
  • Search bar
  • Multi-language support using PHP i18n (English, French, German and Spanish are included!)
  • Optional Dark mode
  • Change the search engine, footer text and much more!


Clone repository.

Run npm i in your repository folder.

Modify your dashboard in

$customization = [
	"title" => "My Dashboard", // Title of your dashboard
	"description" => "Fast access to all your services", // Subtitle
	"footer" => "By <a href=''>Silas_229</a>. Check out <a href=''>raspi-dashboard on Github</a>!", // Text in footer
	"search" => [ // Search bar
		"url" => "", // URL for search engine
		"param" => "q" // GET parameter (usually 'q')

Add your services in

$services = [
		"code" => "example", // Code for CSS class and your icon
		"title" => "Example service", // Title of your service
		"alt" => "", // Alt tag for the icon
		"url" => "" // URL to your service

Now create for your service an icon in /lib/img named code.png and add in _sass/services.css the css code for it:

.service-your-service {background-color: hsl(0, 100%, 50%); color: white;}

Set the default language in



This project is under MIT license. Feel free to fork it!

This project uses PHP i18n is licensed under MIT License.

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