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Laravel Angular Admin

Laravel + Angularjs + Bootstrap + AdminLTE binded by Gulp workflow Admin Dashboard Boilerplate. Plus Oauth and JWT authentication on the side.

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Dashboard Screenshot

Login Screenshot


Click here for a live demo

Note: If you register or use Oauth to sign-in your info will be available on public under user lists component, you can use credentials below. / password



$ composer install && npm install

Open .env and enter necessary config for DB and Oauth Providers Settings.

$ php artisan migrate
$ php artisan db:seed

Work Flow

General Workflow

$ php artisan serve --host=0

Open new terminal

$ gulp && gulp watch

Default Username/Password: / password

Angular Generators

$ artisan ng:page name       #New page inside angular/app/pages/
$ artisan ng:dialog name     #New custom dialog inside angular/dialogs/
$ artisan ng:component name  #New component inside angular/app/components/
$ artisan ng:service name    #New service inside angular/services/
$ artisan ng:filter name     #New filter inside angular/filters/
$ artisan ng:config name     #New config inside angular/config/

[Laravel Angular Generator] (

[Read Full Documentation] (

Need Help?

You need help customizing? You have an awesome project and you need to hire a coder? hit me up with a message my email address is indicated on my [Github Profile] ( OR send me a message on skype: silverbux


Built With

Deploy to heroku


  1. Click deploy button
  2. After build and "successfully deployed", Click Manage App
  3. Go to settings and click "Reveal Config Vars"
  4. Set necessary config for DB based from CLEARDB_DATABASE_URL or from your custom database
  5. Execute migration and db seed with the following commands

Database Migration

$ heroku run php artisan migrate --app your_app_name

Database Seeds

$ heroku run php artisan migrate --app your_app_name


Thank you for contributing to this repository.

Acknowledgments / Credits

This project wont be possible without the following, We acknowledge and are grateful to these developers for their contributions to open source. All necessary credits are given.


This project is licensed under the MIT License - see the LICENSE file for details