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    NEWFOLDER: NewFolder
    CREATED: 'First uploaded'
    DIM: Dimensions
    FILENAME: Filename
    FOLDER: Folder
    LASTEDIT: 'Last changed'
    OWNER: Owner
    SIZE: 'File size'
    TITLE: Title
    TYPE: 'File type'
    URL: URL
    ChooseFiles: 'Choose files'
    DRAGFILESHERE: 'Drag files here'
    DROPAREA: 'Drop Area'
    EDITALL: 'Edit all'
    EDITANDORGANIZE: 'Edit & organize'
    FILES: Files
    TOTAL: Total
    TOUPLOAD: 'Choose file(s) to upload...'
    UPLOADINPROGRESS: 'Please wait… upload in progress'
    ALIGNEMENT: Alignment
    ALIGNEMENTEXAMPLE: 'right aligned'
    BOLD: 'Bold Text'
    CODE: 'Code Block'
    CODEDESCRIPTION: 'Unformatted code block'
    CODEEXAMPLE: 'Code block'
    COLORED: 'Colored text'
    COLOREDEXAMPLE: 'blue text'
    EMAILLINK: 'Email link'
    EMAILLINKDESCRIPTION: 'Create link to an email address'
    IMAGE: Image
    IMAGEDESCRIPTION: 'Show an image in your post'
    ITALIC: 'Italic Text'
    LINK: 'Website link'
    LINKDESCRIPTION: 'Link to another website or URL'
    STRUCK: 'Struck-out Text'
    STRUCKEXAMPLE: Struck-out
    UNDERLINE: 'Underlined Text'
    UNORDERED: 'Unordered list'
    UNORDEREDDESCRIPTION: 'Unordered list'
    UNORDEREDEXAMPLE1: 'unordered item 1'
    Back: Back
    ENTERINFO: 'Please enter a username and password.'
    ERRORNOTADMIN: 'That user is not an administrator.'
    ERRORNOTREC: 'That username / password isn''t recognised'
    ANY: Any
    NO: No
    YES: Yes
    LOADING: Loading...
    ACCESS: 'Access to ''{title}'' section'
    ACCESSALLINTERFACES: 'Access to all CMS sections'
    ACCESSALLINTERFACESHELP: 'Overrules more specific access settings.'
    SAVE: Save
    MENUTITLE: CMSProfileController
    CHANGEPASSWORDTEXT1: 'You changed your password for'
    CHANGEPASSWORDTEXT2: 'You can now use the following credentials to log in:'
    EMAIL: Email
    HELLO: Hi
    PASSWORD: Password
    NO: No
    YES: Yes
    CLOSEPOPUP: 'Close Popup'
    SUCCESSADD2: 'Added {name}'
    SUCCESSEDIT: 'Saved %s %s %s'
    ADDITEM: add
    SORTASC: 'Sort ascending'
    SORTDESC: 'Sort descending'
    NEXT: Next
    PREVIOUS: Previous
    ATLEAST: 'Passwords must be at least {min} characters long.'
    BETWEEN: 'Passwords must be {min} to {max} characters long.'
    MAXIMUM: 'Passwords must be at most {max} characters long.'
    SHOWONCLICKTITLE: 'Change Password'
    FIRST: first
    FOURTH: fourth
    SECOND: second
    THIRD: third
    PLURALNAME: 'Data Objects'
    SINGULARNAME: 'Data Object'
    DAY: ' day'
    DAYS: ' days'
    HOUR: ' hour'
    HOURS: ' hours'
    MIN: ' min'
    MINS: ' mins'
    MONTH: ' month'
    MONTHS: ' months'
    SEC: ' sec'
    SECS: ' secs'
    TIMEDIFFAGO: '{difference} ago'
    TIMEDIFFIN: 'in {difference}'
    YEAR: ' year'
    YEARS: ' years'
    NOTSET: 'not set'
    TODAY: today
    VALIDDATEFORMAT2: 'Please enter a valid date format ({format})'
    VALIDDATEMAXDATE: 'Your date has to be older or matching the maximum allowed date ({date})'
    VALIDDATEMINDATE: 'Your date has to be newer or matching the minimum allowed date ({date})'
    INVALID_REQUEST: 'Invalid request'
    CHOOSE: (Choose)
    VALIDATION: 'Please enter an email address'
    PLURALNAME: 'Email Bounce Records'
    SINGULARNAME: 'Email Bounce Record'
    ANY: Any
    Content: Content
    Filename: Filename
    INVALIDEXTENSION: 'Extension is not allowed (valid: {extensions})'
    INVALIDEXTENSIONSHORT: 'Extension is not allowed'
    NOFILESIZE: 'Filesize is zero bytes.'
    NOVALIDUPLOAD: 'File is not a valid upload'
    Name: Name
    TOOLARGE: 'Filesize is too large, maximum {size} allowed'
    TOOLARGESHORT: 'Filesize exceeds {size}'
    Title: Title
    ATTACH: 'Attach {type}'
    ATTACHONCESAVED: '{type}s can be attached once you have saved the record for the first time.'
    ATTACHONCESAVED2: 'Files can be attached once you have saved the record for the first time.'
    DELETE: 'Delete {type}'
    DISALLOWEDFILETYPE: 'This filetype is not allowed to be uploaded'
    FILE: File
    FROMCOMPUTER: 'From your Computer'
    FROMFILESTORE: 'From the File Store'
    NOSOURCE: 'Please select a source file to attach'
    REPLACE: 'Replace {type}'
    TITLE: 'Image Uploading Iframe'
    SYNCRESULTS: 'Sync complete: {createdcount} items created, {deletedcount} items deleted'
    HELLO: Hi
    TEXT1: 'Here is your'
    TEXT2: 'password reset link'
    TEXT3: for
    FIELDISREQUIRED: '%s is required'
    VALIDATIONCREDITNUMBER: 'Please ensure you have entered the {number} credit card number correctly'
    VALIDATIONNOTUNIQUE: 'The value entered is not unique'
    VALIDATIONPASSWORDSDONTMATCH: 'Passwords don''t match'
    VALIDATIONPASSWORDSNOTEMPTY: 'Passwords can''t be empty'
    VALIDATIONSTRONGPASSWORD: 'Passwords must have at least one digit and one alphanumeric character'
    VALIDATOR: Validator
    VALIDCURRENCY: 'Please enter a valid currency'
    NONE: none
    Delete: Delete
    UnlinkRelation: Unlink
    Add: 'Add {name}'
    Filter: Filter
    FilterBy: 'Filter by '
    Find: Find
    LEVELUP: 'Level up'
    LinkExisting: 'Link Existing'
    NewRecord: 'New %s'
    NoItemsFound: 'No items found'
    PRINTEDAT: 'Printed at'
    PRINTEDBY: 'Printed by'
    PlaceHolder: 'Find {type}'
    PlaceHolderWithLabels: 'Find {type} by {name}'
    RelationSearch: 'Relation search'
    ResetFilter: Reset
    DeletePermissionsFailure: 'No delete permissions'
    Create: Create
    Delete: Delete
    DeletePermissionsFailure: 'No delete permissions'
    Deleted: 'Deleted %s %s'
    Save: Save
    Saved: 'Saved %s %s'
    'Go back': 'Go back'
    AddRole: 'Add a role for this group'
    Code: 'Group Code'
    DefaultGroupTitleAdministrators: Administrators
    DefaultGroupTitleContentAuthors: 'Content Authors'
    Description: Description
    GroupReminder: 'If you choose a parent group, this group will take all it''s roles'
    Locked: 'Locked?'
    NoRoles: 'No roles found'
    Parent: 'Parent Group'
    RolesAddEditLink: 'Manage roles'
    Sort: 'Sort Order'
    has_many_Permissions: Permissions
    many_many_Members: Members
    Help1: '<p>Import one or more groups in <em>CSV</em> format (comma-separated values). <small><a href="#" class="toggle-advanced">Show advanced usage</a></small></p>'
    Help2: "<div class=\"advanced\">\n <h4>Advanced usage</h4>\n <ul>\n <li>Allowed columns: <em>%s</em></li>\n <li>Existing groups are matched by their unique <em>Code</em> value, and updated with any new values from the imported file</li>\n <li>Group hierarchies can be created by using a <em>ParentCode</em> column.</li>\n <li>Permission codes can be assigned by the <em>PermissionCode</em> column. Existing permission codes are not cleared.</li>\n </ul>\n</div>"
    ResultCreated: 'Created {count} groups'
    ResultDeleted: 'Deleted %d groups'
    ResultUpdated: 'Updated %d groups'
    InfiniteLoopNotAllowed: 'Infinite loop found within the "{type}" hierarchy. Please change the parent to resolve this'
    ADDURL: 'Add URL'
    ADJUSTDETAILSDIMENSIONS: 'Details &amp; dimensions'
    BUTTONINSERTLINK: 'Insert link'
    BUTTONREMOVELINK: 'Remove link'
    BUTTONUpdate: Update
    CAPTIONTEXT: 'Caption text'
    CSSCLASS: 'Alignment / style'
    CSSCLASSCENTER: 'Centered, on its own.'
    CSSCLASSLEFT: 'On the left, with text wrapping around.'
    CSSCLASSLEFTALONE: 'On the left, on its own.'
    CSSCLASSRIGHT: 'On the right, with text wrapping around.'
    DETAILS: Details
    EMAIL: 'Email address'
    FILE: File
    FOLDER: Folder
    FROMCMS: 'From the CMS'
    FROMCOMPUTER: 'From your computer'
    FROMWEB: 'From the web'
    FindInFolder: 'Find in Folder'
    IMAGEALT: 'Alternative text (alt)'
    IMAGEALTTEXT: 'Alternative text (alt) - shown if image cannot be displayed'
    IMAGEALTTEXTDESC: 'Shown to screen readers or if image can not be displayed'
    IMAGETITLE: 'Title text (tooltip) - for additional information about the image'
    IMAGETITLETEXT: 'Title text (tooltip)'
    IMAGETITLETEXTDESC: 'For additional information about the image'
    INSERTMEDIA: 'Insert Media'
    LINK: 'Insert Link'
    LINKANCHOR: 'Anchor on this page'
    LINKDESCR: 'Link description'
    LINKEMAIL: 'Email address'
    LINKEXTERNAL: 'Another website'
    LINKFILE: 'Download a file'
    LINKINTERNAL: 'Page on the site'
    LINKOPENNEWWIN: 'Open link in a new window?'
    LINKTO: 'Link to'
    PAGE: Page
    URL: URL
    URLNOTANOEMBEDRESOURCE: 'The URL ''{url}'' could not be turned into a media resource.'
    UpdateMEDIA: 'Update Media'
    IMAGE: Image
    TITLE: 'Image Uploading Iframe'
    CANT_REORGANISE: 'You do not have permission to alter Top level pages. Your change was not saved.'
    DELETED: Deleted.
    DropdownBatchActionsDefault: Actions
    HELP: Help
    PAGETYPE: 'Page type: '
    PERMAGAIN: 'You have been logged out of the CMS. If you would like to log in again, enter a username and password below.'
    PERMALREADY: 'I''m sorry, but you can''t access that part of the CMS. If you want to log in as someone else, do so below'
    PERMDEFAULT: 'Please choose an authentication method and enter your credentials to access the CMS.'
    PLEASESAVE: 'Please Save Page: This page could not be upated because it hasn''t been saved yet.'
    PreviewButton: Preview
    REORGANISATIONSUCCESSFUL: 'Reorganised the site tree successfully.'
    SAVEDUP: Saved.
    VersionUnknown: unknown
    LOGOUT: 'Log out'
    Email: 'Email Address'
    IP: 'IP Address'
    Status: Status
    ADDGROUP: 'Add group'
    BUTTONLOGIN: 'Log in'
    BUTTONLOGINOTHER: 'Log in as someone else'
    BUTTONLOSTPASSWORD: 'I''ve lost my password'
    CONFIRMNEWPASSWORD: 'Confirm New Password'
    CONFIRMPASSWORD: 'Confirm Password'
    DefaultAdminFirstname: 'Default Admin'
    DefaultDateTime: default
    EMAIL: Email
    EMPTYNEWPASSWORD: 'The new password can''t be empty, please try again'
    ENTEREMAIL: 'Please enter an email address to get a password reset link.'
    ERRORLOCKEDOUT: 'Your account has been temporarily disabled because of too many failed attempts at logging in. Please try again in 20 minutes.'
    ERRORNEWPASSWORD: 'You have entered your new password differently, try again'
    ERRORPASSWORDNOTMATCH: 'Your current password does not match, please try again'
    ERRORWRONGCRED: 'That doesn''t seem to be the right e-mail address or password. Please try again.'
    FIRSTNAME: 'First Name'
    INTERFACELANG: 'Interface Language'
    INVALIDNEWPASSWORD: 'We couldn''t accept that password: {password}'
    LOGGEDINAS: 'You''re logged in as {name}.'
    NEWPASSWORD: 'New Password'
    PASSWORD: Password
    PLURALNAME: Members
    PROFILESAVESUCCESS: 'Successfully saved.'
    REMEMBERME: 'Remember me next time?'
    SUBJECTPASSWORDCHANGED: 'Your password has been changed'
    SUBJECTPASSWORDRESET: 'Your password reset link'
    SURNAME: Surname
    VALIDATIONMEMBEREXISTS: 'A member already exists with the same %s'
    ValidationIdentifierFailed: 'Can''t overwrite existing member #{id} with identical identifier ({name} = {value}))'
    WELCOMEBACK: 'Welcome Back, {firstname}'
    YOUROLDPASSWORD: 'Your old password'
    belongs_many_many_Groups: Groups
    db_LastVisited: 'Last Visited Date'
    db_Locale: 'Interface Locale'
    db_LockedOutUntil: 'Locked out until'
    db_NumVisit: 'Number of Visits'
    db_Password: Password
    db_PasswordExpiry: 'Password Expiry Date'
    TITLE: 'E-mail &amp; Password'
    AMORPM: 'AM (Ante meridiem) or PM (Post meridiem)'
    Custom: Custom
    DATEFORMATBAD: 'Date format is invalid'
    DAYNOLEADING: 'Day of month without leading zero'
    DIGITSDECFRACTIONSECOND: 'One or more digits representing a decimal fraction of a second'
    FOURDIGITYEAR: 'Four-digit year'
    FULLNAMEMONTH: 'Full name of month (e.g. June)'
    HOURNOLEADING: 'Hour without leading zero'
    MINUTENOLEADING: 'Minute without leading zero'
    MONTHNOLEADING: 'Month digit without leading zero'
    Preview: Preview
    SHORTMONTH: 'Short name of month (e.g. Jun)'
    TOGGLEHELP: 'Toggle formatting help'
    TWODIGITDAY: 'Two-digit day of month'
    TWODIGITHOUR: 'Two digits of hour (00 through 23)'
    TWODIGITMINUTE: 'Two digits of minute (00 through 59)'
    TWODIGITMONTH: 'Two-digit month (01=January, etc.)'
    TWODIGITSECOND: 'Two digits of second (00 through 59)'
    TWODIGITYEAR: 'Two-digit year'
    Help1: '<p>Import users in <em>CSV format</em> (comma-separated values). <small><a href="#" class="toggle-advanced">Show advanced usage</a></small></p>'
    Help2: "<div class=\"advanced\">\n <h4>Advanced usage</h4>\n <ul>\n <li>Allowed columns: <em>%s</em></li>\n <li>Existing users are matched by their unique <em>Code</em> property, and updated with any new values from the imported file.</li>\n <li>Groups can be assigned by the <em>Groups</em> column. Groups are identified by their <em>Code</em> property, multiple groups can be separated by comma. Existing group memberships are not cleared.</li>\n </ul>\n</div>"
    ResultCreated: 'Created {count} members'
    ResultDeleted: 'Deleted %d members'
    ResultNone: 'No changes'
    ResultUpdated: 'Updated {count} members'
    'APPLY FILTER': 'Apply Filter'
    DELETE: Delete
    DELETEDRECORDS: 'Deleted {count} records.'
    IMPORT: 'Import from CSV'
    IMPORTEDRECORDS: 'Imported {count} records.'
    NOCSVFILE: 'Please browse for a CSV file to import'
    NOIMPORT: 'Nothing to import'
    RESET: Reset
    Title: 'Data Models'
    UPDATEDRECORDS: 'Updated {count} records.'
    IMPORTSPECFIELDS: 'Database columns'
    FILTER: Filter
    IMPORT: Import
    IsNullLabel: 'Is Null'
    VALIDATION: '''{value}'' is not a number, only numbers can be accepted for this field'
    AdminGroup: Administrator
    FULLADMINRIGHTS: 'Full administrative rights'
    FULLADMINRIGHTS_HELP: 'Implies and overrules all other assigned permissions.'
    AssignedTo: 'assigned to "{title}"'
    FromGroup: 'inherited from group "{title}"'
    FromRole: 'inherited from role "{title}"'
    FromRoleOnGroup: 'inherited from role "%s" on group "%s"'
    PERMISSIONS_CATEGORY: 'Roles and access permissions'
    VALIDATION: 'Please enter a valid phone number'
    ADD: Add
    ALREADYLOGGEDIN: 'You don''t have access to this page. If you have another account that can access that page, you can log in again below.'
    BUTTONSEND: 'Send me the password reset link'
    CHANGEPASSWORDBELOW: 'You can change your password below.'
    CHANGEPASSWORDHEADER: 'Change your password'
    ENTERNEWPASSWORD: 'Please enter a new password.'
    ERRORPASSWORDPERMISSION: 'You must be logged in in order to change your password!'
    LOGGEDOUT: 'You have been logged out. If you would like to log in again, enter your credentials below.'
    LOGIN: 'Log in'
    NOTEPAGESECURED: 'That page is secured. Enter your credentials below and we will send you right along.'
    NOTERESETLINKINVALID: '<p>The password reset link is invalid or expired.</p><p>You can request a new one <a href="{link1}">here</a> or change your password after you <a href="{link2}">logged in</a>.</p>'
    NOTERESETPASSWORD: 'Enter your e-mail address and we will send you a link with which you can reset your password'
    PASSWORDSENTHEADER: 'Password reset link sent to ''{email}'''
    PASSWORDSENTTEXT: 'Thank you! A reset link has been sent to ''{email}'', provided an account exists for this email address.'
    ACCESS_HELP: 'Allow viewing, adding and editing users, as well as assigning permissions and roles to them.'
    APPLY_ROLES: 'Apply roles to groups'
    APPLY_ROLES_HELP: 'Ability to edit the roles assigned to a group. Requires the "Access to ''Users'' section" permission.'
    EDITPERMISSIONS: 'Manage permissions for groups'
    EDITPERMISSIONS_HELP: 'Ability to edit Permissions and IP Addresses for a group. Requires the "Access to ''Security'' section" permission.'
    GROUPNAME: 'Group name'
    IMPORTGROUPS: 'Import groups'
    IMPORTUSERS: 'Import users'
    MEMBERS: Members
    MENUTITLE: Security
    MemberListCaution: 'Caution: Removing members from this list will remove them from all groups and the database'
    NEWGROUP: 'New Group'
    PERMISSIONS: Permissions
    ROLES: Roles
    ROLESDESCRIPTION: 'Roles are predefined sets of permissions, and can be assigned to groups.<br />They are inherited from parent groups if required.'
    TABROLES: Roles
    Users: Users
    BtnImport: 'Import from CSV'
    FileFieldLabel: 'CSV File <small>(Allowed extensions: *.csv)</small>'
    Edit: Edit
    NOUPLOAD: 'No Image Uploaded'
    TABMAIN: Main
    ISREQUIRED: 'In %s ''%s'' is required'
    ADD: 'Add a new row'
    CSVEXPORT: 'Export to CSV'
    PRINT: Print
    Print: Print
    SELECT: 'Select:'
    SORTASC: 'Sort in ascending order'
    SORTDESC: 'Sort in descending order'
    VIEWFIRST: 'View first'
    VIEWLAST: 'View last'
    VIEWNEXT: 'View next'
    VIEWPREVIOUS: 'View previous'
    VALIDATEFORMAT: 'Please enter a valid time format ({format})'
    LESS: less
    MORE: more
    ATTACHFILE: 'Attach a file'
    ATTACHFILES: 'Attach files'
    AttachFile: 'Attach file(s)'
    DELETEINFO: 'Permanently delete this file from the file store'
    DOEDIT: Save
    DROPFILE: 'drop a file'
    DROPFILES: 'drop files'
    Dimensions: Dimensions
    EDITINFO: 'Edit this file'
    FIELDNOTSET: 'File information not found'
    FROMCOMPUTER: 'From your computer'
    FROMFILES: 'From files'
    MAXNUMBEROFFILES: 'Max number of {count} file(s) exceeded.'
    MAXNUMBEROFFILESSHORT: 'Can only upload {count} files'
    REMOVE: Remove
    REMOVEERROR: 'Error removing file'
    REMOVEINFO: 'Remove this file from here, but do not delete it from the file store'
    STARTALL: 'Start all'
    Saved: Saved
    has_many_Versions: Versions
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