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Xindi is a lightweight CFML content management system ideally suited to smaller websites.
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From small beginnings come great things. ~ American Proverb

Xindi is a small, lightweight and flexible CFML content management system. It's great for web developers looking for a simple way to make site content editable by their clients.

Open source, free and flexible, Xindi is a great choice for your next web project.


Xindi uses the frameworks listed below.



Minimum Requirements


Quick Start

Clone the git repo - git clone - or download it.


Please view the project wiki for installation instructions.


Xindi is licensed under the MIT License (MIT).

However, the frameworks listed above have their own licenses which you should review before using Xindi.


Xindi is authored by Simon Bingham with support from John Whish but anyone and everyone is welcome to contribute.


If you experience any problems with Xindi please:

Social Media

You'll find Xindi on Twitter, Facebook and Google+.

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