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🎮 Pong


This is a basic canvas implementation of Atari's popular game, first released in 1972.

There are two releases: the first one (v1.0) is very lightweight (around 200 lines of code), no sound, no AI and no proper ball reflection with vectors.

The second release (that is in master branch) has a lot more stuff, check it out.

In both cases, there are no dependencies from external libraries. This means the game has been made from scratch.


You can read a making-of article here.

How to play

You can play a demo here.

If you want to play it locally, fork or clone the repository as usual. It shouldn't need any server to run (just open index.html). However in some cases (e.g. using Chrome) it might not work if you don't use a web server.


Start the game with spacebar.

Player 1

  • up: w
  • down: s

Player 2

  • up: arrow up
  • down: arrow down

Implementation details

The first implementation (v1.0) is simpler, but you don't have much control over the ball.

In the latter implementation I simulated a curved paddle by varying the normal vector of the paddle's surface. This allows the players to change the ball's movement angle by intercepting the ball in movement to get a steeper or shallower reflection angle.

The ball's collision is perfectly elastic, which means all of the kinetic energy in a collision will be transferred. This results in a constant game speed.


Licensed under the WTFPL license.

I would like to thank Matt Hackett for his tutorial on how to make a simple HTML5 canvas game; I've learned a lot.