My polymake extension for tropical intersection theory
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What is a-tint?

a-tint is an extension for polymake (see their webpage for more info). It aims to implement algorithmic aspects of tropical intersection theory. Tropical varieties are realized as weighted polyhedral complexes. This project is part of and financed by the DFG Priority Project SPP 1489.

Current version: 2.0

Important note: As of polymake 2.15-beta3 a-tint is a bundled extension! I.e. if you download the newest perpetual beta or release, a-tint is already included!

Getting started

You can find a user manual in the wiki pages, as well as installation instructions and a list of features.

Important note: You will need a recent version of polymake (Release 3.0, preferably) to run a-tint.

More credit

a-tint also contains code by:

  • Dennis Diefenbach