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;make [ghcid-]watch: a handy dev feedback command

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simonmichael committed Mar 1, 2020
1 parent c29b0c0 commit 9c4ef5815429a116d1c708a2eb9cacee66d2d7bd
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@@ -330,6 +330,13 @@ ghcid-test-%: $(call def-help,ghcid-test-TESTPATTERN, start ghcid autobuilding a
ghcid-doctest: $(call def-help,ghcid-doctest, start ghcid autobuilding and running hledger-lib doctests)
ghcid -c 'cd hledger-lib; $(STACK) ghci hledger-lib:test:doctest' --test ':main' --reload hledger-lib

GHCIDRESTART=--restart Makefile --restart Makefile.local
GHCIDRELOAD=--reload t.j --reload t.timedot
GHCIDCMD=:main -f t.j bal date:today -S

ghcid-watch watch: $(call def-help,ghcid-watch, start ghcid autobuilding and running a custom GHCI command with reload/restart on certain files - customise this)
ghcid -c 'make ghci' --test '$(GHCIDCMD)' $(GHCIDRELOAD) $(GHCIDRESTART)

# keep synced with Shake.hs header
--package base-prelude \

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