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Utilities for managing SIMP
Ruby Shell
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jeannegreulich and lnemsick-simp SIMP-6514 Update Repo and unpackdvd changes (#22)
- fixed updaterepo to make sure permissions on the files in the
  repo are correct (not just repodata)
- updated unpack_dvd to separate noarch and arch rpms under SIMP
- added new options to unpack_dvd to allow user to set version dir
  because CentOS uses major version in .treeinfo
- allowed user to set what group to use to own files in unpack_dvd. This
   allows non-root testing of the script.
- add option in unpack_dvd to allow user to not link to major version
- updated scripts to use Puppet Ruby and then removed logic
  for old Ruby versions.  puppet-agent is already required by
  this package, so it makes sense to take advantage of the Ruby
  it provides.
- updated puppet-agent Requires to be greater than 5.0.0.
- Fleshed out README

SIMP-6514 #close
SIMP-6523 #close
Latest commit 45c8297 Jun 14, 2019

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Utilities for managing SIMP


Example ldif files to help manage LDAP. These ldifs are installed in /usr/share/simp/ldifs.


This section contains a brief description of the scripts installed under /usr/local. See each script's help for more details.


This is a YAML-based node classifier which can be used as a Puppet External Node Classifier (ENC).


Usage: unpack_dvd [options] /path/to/dvd/to/unpack

This script unpacks either a SIMP ISO image or a distribution DVD to the specified directory or /var/www/yum/ (default).

The --help option gives a complete usage statement.


Usage: gen-ldap-update

This is run on an LDAP server to generate an ldif file that can be used to update attributes in LDAP.


Usage: puppetlast [options]

puppetlast queries PuppetDB and returns a list of nodes and the last time the catalog was compiled on each node.

The --help option gives a complete usage statement.


Usage: simpenv --list or simpenv -n|-c|-l|-a [new|copy|link] [EXISTING_ENV] NEWENV

This script can be used to create or list environments in SIMP 6.4 or later.

The --help option gives a complete usage statement.


Usage: updaterepos <repodir>

This will go into each directory under repodir that is not named noarch and do the following:

  • Update links to files under ../noarch
  • Rebuild the repodata
  • Update the repodata to ensure it is readable by root:apache
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