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citrus-junit-runner instruction

- git
- maven
- citrus-core (
- citrus-server (
	Technique 1, 3 and 5 require citrus-server to be running.

Installation of citrus-junit-runner:
	Download the source code from github:
	git clone git://

	Install JGit to maven repository:
	mvn install:install-file -DgroupId=org.eclipse -DartifactId=jgit -Dversion= -Dpackaging=jar -Dfile=./externalJars/org.eclipse.jgit_0.12.0.201103291411.jar

	Install citrus-junit-runner:
	mvn install
Setup citrus-junit-runner in your project:
	It's recommended to disable the maven-surefire-plugin.
	You can do it by adding this to your plugin section in pom.xml:

	Add this to your plugin section in pom.xml:

	Plugin configuration:
			0 = For experimentational purposes only. Runs a list of techniques, specified in the technique0 array.
			1 = counting number of failing tests
			2 = counting number of failing tests during the last three days. (Not working)
			3 = code changes
			4 = local code changes (uses git status)
			5 = 1 and 4 hybrid
			6 = Total method coverage
			7 = Additional method coverage
			# Comparison techniques
			8 = local class-list
			9 = random class-list
			10 = optimized class-list (Works only in combination with technique 0)

		skipCalculateAPFD: true/false
		skipSendReport: true/false
		citrusTechniqueUrl: Url to running citrus server
		reportUrl: Url for posting testresults to citrus server

Run citrus-junit-runner on your project:
	mvn test