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'bind' default value documentation #691

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Joe Bottigliero Konstantin Haase
Joe Bottigliero

I'm not sure if there is a way to directly contribute to the documentation, but hopefully this gets where it needs to go.

During my first use of sinatra today I had an issue of getting up and running just as easily as the documentation seems to imply. After a little digging it was because my environment was being default-ed to development. This may be common or expected knowledge in the ruby community, but being less experienced in the language caused a small pitfall.

Thanks for your time, and sorry if I'm way off base on my request!

Relevent code:

jbottigliero added some commits
Joe Bottigliero jbottigliero Update README 'bind' Configuration Entry
Update `bind` configuration entry to better reflect default value(s).
Joe Bottigliero jbottigliero Bad formatting... c3b891f
Konstantin Haase rkh merged commit 0ebea52 into from
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Commits on Mar 20, 2013
  1. Joe Bottigliero

    Update README 'bind' Configuration Entry

    jbottigliero authored
    Update `bind` configuration entry to better reflect default value(s).
  2. Joe Bottigliero

    Bad formatting...

    jbottigliero authored
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@@ -2017,7 +2017,7 @@ set :protection, :session => true
- <dd>IP address to bind to (default: <tt></tt>). Only used for built-in server.</dd>
+ <dd>IP address to bind to (default: <tt></tt> <em>or</em> <tt>localhost</tt> if your `environment` is set to development.). Only used for built-in server.</dd>
<dd>encoding to assume if unknown (defaults to <tt>"utf-8"</tt>).</dd>
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