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Improve pull request guidelines

Based on feedback in #1390
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sindresorhus committed Oct 16, 2018
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- Not a duplicate.
- Only has awesome items. Awesome lists are curations of the best, not everything.
- Includes a project logo/illustration whenever possible.
- Either fullwidth or placed at the top-right of the readme. [(Example)](
- Either centered, fullwidth, or placed at the top-right of the readme. [(Example)](
- The image should link to the project website or any relevant website.
- The image should be high-DPI. Set it to maximum half the width of the original image.
- Entries have a description, unless the title is descriptive enough by itself. It rarely is though.
- Includes the [Awesome badge](
- Should be placed on the right side of the readme heading.
- Can be placed centered if the list has a centered graphics header.
- Should link back to this list.
- Has a Table of Contents section.
- Should be named `Contents`, not `Table of Contents`.
- Should be the first section in the list.
- Should only have one level of sub-lists, preferably none.
- Should only have one level of [nested lists](, preferably none.
- Has an [appropriate license](
- That means something like CC0, **not a code licence like MIT, BSD, Apache, etc.**
- [WTFPL]( and [Unlicense]( are not acceptable licenses.

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