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matcher Build Status

Simple wildcard matching

Useful when you want to accept loose string input and regexes/globs are too convoluted.


$ npm install matcher


const matcher = require('matcher');

matcher(['foo', 'bar', 'moo'], ['*oo', '!foo']);
//=> ['moo']

matcher(['foo', 'bar', 'moo'], ['!*oo']);
//=> ['bar']

matcher.isMatch('unicorn', 'uni*');
//=> true

matcher.isMatch('unicorn', '*corn');
//=> true

matcher.isMatch('unicorn', 'un*rn');
//=> true

matcher.isMatch('rainbow', '!unicorn');
//=> true

matcher.isMatch('foo bar baz', 'foo b* b*');
//=> true

matcher.isMatch('unicorn', 'uni\\*');
//=> false

matcher.isMatch('UNICORN', 'UNI*', {caseSensitive: true});
//=> true

matcher.isMatch('UNICORN', 'unicorn', {caseSensitive: true});
//=> false


matcher(inputs, patterns, [options])

Accepts an array of input's and pattern's.

Returns an array of inputs filtered based on the patterns.

matcher.isMatch(input, pattern, [options])

Returns a boolean of whether the input matches the pattern.


Type: string

String to match.


Type: Object


Type: boolean
Default: false

Treat uppercase and lowercase characters as being the same.

Ensure you use this correctly. For example, files and directories should be matched case-insensitively, while most often, object keys should be matched case-sensitively.


Type: string

Use * to match zero or more characters. A pattern starting with ! will be negated.


$ npm run bench


  • multimatch - Extends minimatch.match() with support for multiple patterns


MIT © Sindre Sorhus