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Experimental monk skeleton, Sinefunc style.

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My project

Set up RVM

rvm --rvmrc --create 1.9.2@myproject

Install dependency gems

rvm gemset import


monk start

Run tests

monk test

Skeleton Info

The skeleton is based on

  • This means no more dependency on monk-glue, among other things.
  • This still works with old monk installations. (pre 1.0)


Creating a project from scratch? Install monk and add this skeleton to it.

sudo gem install monk --pre
monk add monkex

Then create an app:

monk init my_great_app -s monkex


The skeleton comes with no ORM by default.

However, there are sample config files in config/ for Ohm and Sequel which has instructions on how to set them up.

Sinatra-style configuration

The bootstrapper loads all of config/*.rb, starting with the default files (like haml.default.rb).

  • To set settings: Main.set :name, "Hello"
  • To retrieve settings:

JS Minification

Uses JsFiles (to compress JS files).

  • Edit config/jsfiles.defaults.rb to see which JS files are to be processed.

HTML5 boilerplate

Some things from the HTML5 boilerplate were roughly followed:

  • Modernizr built in
  • Load JQuery/Modernizr/etc via CDN (Google's and Cachedcommon's public CDNs)
  • DD_belatedPNG
  • ...among other things (which should be fairly trivial to remove)

And more

  • The jQuery helpers ensure that jQuery is loaded from Google servers first before falling back to the app-provided jQuery file.

  • Uses AgentSniff to do browser detection. The HTML class is automatically set.

  • A couple of new helpers have been added.

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