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A method for building LinuxKit images for Docker-CE with custom kernels.
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isofix Small README update Dec 13, 2019

Wifi for LinuxKit & Docker For Mac

by @singe from @sensepost

Testing wifi requires certain kernel capabilities. Docker-CE for MacOS does not have these. This necessitates building a wifi capable kernel.


go get -u
  • cloned from source
git clone
cd linuxkit
export PATH=$PATH:$(pwd)/bin

brew tap linuxkit/linuxkit
brew install --HEAD linuxkit


You need to build a LinuxKit-based ISO to run as your host Docker. This can be done with:

Fetch this repo

git clone
cd linuxkit-for-mac

Build the ISO

cd ../linuxkit
linuxkit build --disable-content-trust --format iso-efi docker-for-mac-wifi.yml

Run your new Docker host:


This is a wrapper for the commands listed in linuxkit's own docs.

Interact with your Docker host (using normal docker commands):

./ info


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