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This is a Singer tap that produces JSON-formatted data following the Singer spec.

This tap:

  • Pulls raw data from Braintree's REST API
  • Extracts the following resources from Braintree
    • Transactions
  • Outputs the schema for each resource
  • Incrementally pulls data based on the input state

Quick start

  1. Install

    > pip install tap-braintree
  2. Get your Public Key, Private Key, and Merchant ID

    1. Sign into your Braintree account, Click Account > My User.
    2. Scroll down to the API Keys, Tokenization Keys, Encryption Keys section and click View Authorizations.
    3. In the API Keys section, click Generate New API Key.
    4. After the key has been generated, click the View link in the Private Key column.

    This will display the Client Library Key page, which contains your Braintree API credentials. You’ll need the Public Key, Private Key, and Merchant ID to complete your configuration.

  3. Create the config file

    Create a JSON file called config.json containing the Merchant ID, Public Key and Private Key.

    {"merchant_id": "your-merchant-id",
     "public_key": "your-public-key",
     "private_key": "your-private-key"}
  4. [Optional] Create the initial state file

    You can provide JSON file that contains a date for the API endpoints to force the application to only fetch data newer than those dates. If you omit the file it will fetch all Braintree data.

    {"transactions": "2017-01-17T20:32:05Z"}
  5. Run the application

    tap-braintree can be run with:

    tap-braintree --config config.json [--state state.json]

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