@sirjuddington sirjuddington released this Sep 18, 2015 · 1021 commits to master since this release

Assets 5

New (and possibly final) release of 3.1.0.x. Mostly bug fixes again, with a few minor additions here and there:


  • Added support for using Timidity for MIDI playback (thanks @Monsterovich)
  • Updated ZDoom language configurations (thanks @Blue-Shadow)
  • Various improvements and fixed for tooltips on the text editor:
    • Colours can now be customised via text editor styles
    • Fixed various issues with tooltips staying open while the window is inactive
  • Don't save the grAb chunk for PNGs without offsets
  • Added DeHackEd text patch language definition for syntax highlighting

Resource Editor

  • New 'Build Archive' feature to convert a folder to a zip/pk3 archive (thanks @Monsterovich)
  • Fixed a possible crash when re-opening the documentation tab
  • Allow creating new directories in all archive formats that support it

Map Editor

  • Added the ability to double click an item to edit it (thanks @eevee)
  • Fixed crash when pressing enter (object edit) with nothing selected
  • Fixed various problems with map line drawing and sector building (thanks @eevee)
  • Fixed the '...' button for sector tag on the object properties panel getting the wrong value
  • Fixed crash when saving a UDMF map twice (if the map has extra non-map entries before ENDMAP)
  • Other various minor fixes