@sirjuddington sirjuddington released this Feb 1, 2016

Assets 4

Another 3.1.1 beta release, very likely the last as all the issues for the 3.1.1 milestone are now resolved. All that's left is some more testing and fixing any bugs that might pop up.


  • Added option to change OpenGL font size (eg. in map editor info overlays)
  • Various changes and fixes to allow compilation on freebsd, among other things (thanks @kevans91)
  • The setup wizard will now scan some common folders for base resource archives (Steam and GOG, Windows only for now)
  • Fixed toolbar icons staying greyed out after the first time setup wizard runs
  • Fixed certain menu shortcuts not working after initial startup (if the start page is showing)


  • Added ability to run game executable using OS X application bundle (thanks @alexey-lysiuk)

Resource Editor

  • Fixed some issues with directory archive file checking and saving (thanks @eevee)
  • Fixed potential crash with 'Build Archive' feature (thanks @alexey-lysiuk)
  • Automatically identify #included entries (eg. a text entry #included in a DECORATE entry will be identified as DECORATE also)
  • GENMIDI entry data is now displayed as a grid
  • Speed improvements when modifying multiple entries at once (thanks @Monsterovich)

Texture Editor

  • Added basic undo/redo support (only works at a macro level at the moment, eg. you can undo 'saving' a texture but not individual texture edits like moving a patch)
  • Fixed textures being marked as modified erroneously when clicked
  • Fixed a possible crash with TEXTURES

Map Editor

  • Fixed sector properties dialog always showing boom flags even for vanilla maps
  • Various map editor improvements and fixes (thanks @eevee):
    • Added support for ZDoom UDMF explicit wall light levels
    • Correctly set namespace for UDMF maps when created
    • Don't mix base resource textures in with other PWADs
    • Preserve selection when switching edit modes
    • Flood-select in 3d mode now follows slopes
    • Fixed possible crash on opening line properties dialog
    • Added number of selected items to the status bar
    • 'Reset Offsets and Scaling' key now also works for flats
    • Fixed flat scaling key in 3d mode
    • When pasting, snap the relative movement rather than the center (same as moving behaves)
    • Hide the trigger checkboxes when only selecting a special
  • Shade orthogonal walls in 3d mode
  • Fixed some more occasional issues with sector building
  • Added arg configurations for Generic_Floor and Generic_Ceiling (thanks @eevee)