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I made a fix for Gitolite:

  • 233d2d4 fixed ssh-authkeys failing when the authorized_keys file contains commands or options for the keys already present in the file

I also made some improvements:

  • 7e7dd91 allows to specify a custom Git location in Gitolite
  • 7add7a5 rewrote update-gitweb-access-list in perl
  • 7d4d34c support multi-valued keys in config file

There's also 5566d5e when I merged code from sitaramc/gitolite@3e87a08

Pick any of those if you find they are interesting.

Wizmaster added some commits Jan 8, 2013
@Wizmaster Wizmaster Fixed "command" from other authkeys breaking authkeys file parsing
The regexp will remove command or other options at the start of each
lines from the authkeys file. The remaining part of the line should be
the public key only without any other ssh options.

Note that it will only detect on authorized_keys file for protocol 2
(but who use protocol 1 anymore?)
@Wizmaster Wizmaster Support custom Git binaries location
Added config key GIT_BINDIR to support custom Git location. The content
of this key is added to the PATH environment variable if it's present
in the configuration file.
@Wizmaster Wizmaster Rewrote update-gitweb-access-list in perl
The previous version as a shell script spawned too many processes. In
a shared hosting env with limits on the number of process, a perl-only
solution would be less prone to hit this limit. Furthermore, I believe
this is more efficient than a shell script.
@Wizmaster Wizmaster Merge remote-tracking branch '' 5566d5e
@Wizmaster Wizmaster Allow multi-valued keys in config
Implements support multi-valued keys in repository config, for instance
"gitweb.url". The keys that are treated as multi-valued must be declared
in the rc file in the GIT_MULTI_CONFIG_KEYS value (which use the same
syntax as GIT_CONFIG_KEYS)

Also fixes a "bug" in git: removing the last value of a section does not
remove the section itself; adding again a key to this section duplicates
the section name (or triplicate, or etc.)

I am not in a position to vote for nor merge this, but if I were, I'd also ask for updates to the parts of the documentation that were affected by these changes. Most notably how the multi key config works, and how to specify the custom git location. +1 for the inclusion of tests, though :)


Please note that sitaram does not accept/read Pull Requests made through the github interface. The Wiki for this repository contains directions on proper channels to discuss features / submti patches, etc.


I admit not being a great writer of documentation. :) If the changes are accepted, I'll see if I can write something.

I know sitaram does not accept pull request, I posted to the mailing list at the same time. I have a different view than his about github and others may be only monitoring the github repository. So I decided to open the request.

Wizmaster added some commits Feb 12, 2013
@Wizmaster Wizmaster Fixed typo in update-gitweb-access-list.
The description file was not removed due to variable not being expanded.
@Wizmaster Wizmaster Fixed warning in git-config.
Perl was complaining with
"WARNING: Using a hash as a reference is deprecated"

I think we discussed this on the ML, IIRC

@sitaramc sitaramc closed this Jun 14, 2013
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