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The generator automatically produces on demand.

nag_05-this version of the generator creates images. The resulting image emerges as a collage of a number of images which have been collected on the WWW in relation to the 'title' you have chosen. The original material is processed in 12-14 randomly chosen and combined steps. For finding the images, nag_05 draws on Google search; that is the delicate part as Google limits access to their search results for all non-paying clients including projects like this one. nag_05, has been out of order for many months: Google, the connected search engine, has changed their terms of use in 2015 and terminated the free access to their search results. In the meantime we have restored nag_05 (nag version 5b) by using a free but very limited offer by Google (100 requests per day).

The technical base of the generator is a Perl script, running on apache and debian servers. For the library version of imagemagick: v6.9.10.23+dfsg-2.1+deb10u1 and libimage-magick-q16-perl for the Perl (v.5.28.1) interface (as of Oct 2020).

See the generator main page:

note: Currently, the encoding format is utf-8 for index.cgi. There is also nag_extensions, which is developed and maintained by Gerrit Boelz, displaying a collection of the generated images as thumbnails in a grid and allowing to click on them to open a more detailed view of the image. See here for more info:

The source code of nag_5b is available under GPL (GNU General Public License)

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