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Auto-Scaling with Heat and Monasca

OpenStack Summit Denver 2019

  • Download your private SSH key (heat_monasca_2019.pem) from here.

  • Change permissions

    chmod 600 heat_monasca_2019.pem
  • SSH to your instance

    ssh -i heat_monasca_2019.pem ubuntu@<your_instance_ip>
  • Pull the latest changes

    cd monasca-autoscaling
    git checkout -- .    # dont miss the . (dot) at end
    git pull
  • Start Monasca services

    cd scripts

For Windows users

  • You can use your favorite SSH client.

  • We recommend Git BASH, BASH emulator with SSH client.

  • Another good alternative is cmder.

For PuTTY users

  • Set the private key for authentication in Connection -> SSH -> Auth. Choose heat_monasca_2019.ppk as your private key.

  • Remember to save the session settings.


Running the playbook on your own

You will require:


Check if all services are running fine

systemctl list-units | grep devstack OR systemctl list-units | grep failed

All services should be in 'running' state, if not restart them

LOGS: journalctl -u devstack@n-cpu.service

In case services reporting AMQP errors

CHECK: sudo rabbitmqctl list_users

if there is NO stackrabbit user then:

sudo rabbitmqctl add_user stackrabbit secretrabbit
sudo rabbitmqctl set_permissions stackrabbit '.*' '.*' '.*'
sudo rabbitmqctl list_vhosts
sudo rabbitmqctl add_vhost nova_cell1
sudo rabbitmqctl set_permissions -p nova_cell1 stackrabbit '.*' '.*' '.*'
sudo systemctl restart devstack@*

Monasca Services not running

CHECK: ~/monasca-autoscaling/scripts/

~/monasca-autoscaling/scripts/ ~/monasca-autoscaling/scripts/

Check server can be launched

CHECK: openstack server create --debug --image cirros-0.4.0-x86_64-disk --network private --flavor m1.nano --security-group testvm --wait vm1

FAILURE: "message": "Host 'YOUR-HOSTNAME' is not mapped to any cell", "code": 400

sudo hostname localhost
sudo sed -i "s/$HOSTNAME/localhost/g"  /etc/hosts
nova-manage cell_v2 delete_host --cell_uuid b603d831-06d9-4a00-ba5d-0b2a55da6920 --host rocky-16
sudo sed -i "s/rocky-16/$HOSTNAME/g"  /etc/monasca/agent/agent.yaml /etc/monasca/agent/conf.d/host_alive.yaml
sudo systemctl restart devstack@*

Network connectivity issues within the host:

CHECK: openstack network agent list

All agents should be up, if not:

systemctl restart devstack@q-dhcp.service 
systemctl restart devstack@q-agt.service 

CHECK: ip netns list

there should be two qdhcp namespaces, if you have atleast one instnace

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