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a lein-newnew template for clojurescript projects
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A Leiningen template for Noir + ClojureScript projects.

Forked from Chris Granger's version to add/change the following:

  • Remove garbage css files.
  • A Less.js and a style.less ready to build on.
  • A templates.clj so we don't mix templating with logic.
  • An .hgignore and .gitignore with appropriate contents.
  • Twitter bootstrap, with icons.
  • A base Hiccup template that includes all the magic media paths in the right places.
  • Lobos migrations with the magic fairy dust needed to work with SQLite.
  • Korma DB defined (will work with SQLite too).


  • Lobos migrations and Korma declarations ready to work with both SQLite and Heroku's Postgres.
  • Right now lein-newnew corrupts the images when copying them. Hopefully that will be fixed at some point.
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