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CodeIgniter is simplistic a nice PHP framework that follows the MVC guidelines. It's lightweight, simplistic and a very easy framework to use. Twitter Bootstrap is pre-made CSS framework that has styled elements ready to use. The two are not combined, hence the name, CodeIgniter Bootstrap.


Derived from CodeIgniter, read CodeIgniter Installation for how to install using this zipball instead. If you're not familiar with CodeIgniter, I suggest reading the CodeIgniter Tutorial on how to get started and read the wiki for more information.


CodeIgniter is just a framework, gives you the ability to organize your PHP code and HTML views in a nice simple way. However, when you go outside of this layer (images, css, javascript), there's no clearcut area to place these files in.

CodeIgniter-Bootstrap simplifies this, placing a boilerplate for you to start programming and remove the setup phase for you. Though we do the setup for you, you can still modify it yourself and we still fall within the CodeIgniter conventions. The only thing you need to keep in mind that is has a decent "disk footprint", but still has an extremely low "memory footprint", keeping your site nice and snappy.

When using CodeIgniter Bootstrap:

  • Place your images, javascript and css files in the assets directory. Reference them to your page using base_url('assets/js/somefile.js'). Simple.
  • Everything remains the same as in CodeIgniter and Twitter Bootstrap, use them as normal.
  • I suggest reading up on some CodeIgniter docs before starting to use CodeIgniter Bootstrap.


  • Building Websites - Learn how make a website using CodeIgniter Bootstrap.
  • Using Migrations - Using migrations to store database structures, highly recommended.
  • Caching - Remember to Cache your content. Rules and How-to are included.
  • Forms - Writing forms in a nutshell.
  • Resizing Images - Automatically taking in images and resizing them to a set dimension.


Included Libraries

Styled CodeIgniter Classes

  • Pagination - CodeIgniter includes a pagination class which has now been styled with Twitter Bootstrap.
  • Unit Testing - CodeIgniter has a unit testing class where the reports are styled with Twitter Bootstrap.

Extended CodeIgniter Functions


This is an active project, so you may run into issues. If you can fix it, I'd highly recommend forking the repository and submitting a pull request. If you can't, you should create a ticket. If you need help using it, feel free to message me on twitter @stevenlu.

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