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This package is no longer actively maintained. If somebody sends in a pull request with some major security bug then I'll merge it, but other than that I am no longer using CodeIgniter Curl for anything. Framework specific code is something I thought was cool in 2009 when I built this, but I've barely touched it since. Use a framework agnostic equivilent, like Guzzle or Requests.

CodeIgniter-cURL is a CodeIgniter library which makes it easy to do simple cURL requests and makes more complicated cURL requests easier too.


  1. PHP 5.1+
  2. CodeIgniter 1.7.x - 2.0-dev
  3. PHP 5 (configured with cURL enabled)
  4. libcurl


  • POST/GET/PUT/DELETE requests over HTTP
  • HTTP Authentication
  • Follows redirects
  • Returns error string
  • Provides debug information
  • Proxy support
  • Cookies



Simple calls

These do it all in one line of code to make life easy. They return the body of the page, or FALSE on fail.

// Simple call to remote URL
echo $this->curl->simple_get('');

// Simple call to CI URI
$this->curl->simple_post('controller/method', array('foo'=>'bar'));

// Set advanced options in simple calls
// Can use any of these flags

$this->curl->simple_get('', array(CURLOPT_PORT => 8080));
$this->curl->simple_post('', array('foo'=>'bar'), array(CURLOPT_BUFFERSIZE => 10)); 

Advanced calls

These methods allow you to build a more complex request.

// Start session (also wipes existing/previous sessions)

// Option & Options
$this->curl->option(CURLOPT_BUFFERSIZE, 10);
$this->curl->options(array(CURLOPT_BUFFERSIZE => 10));

// More human looking options
$this->curl->option('buffersize', 10);

// Login to HTTP user authentication
$this->curl->http_login('username', 'password');

// Post - If you do not use post, it will just run a GET request
$post = array('foo'=>'bar');

// Cookies - If you do not use post, it will just run a GET request
$vars = array('foo'=>'bar');

// Proxy - Request the page through a proxy server
// Port is optional, defaults to 80
$this->curl->proxy('', 1080);

// Proxy login
$this->curl->proxy_login('username', 'password');

// Execute - returns responce
echo $this->curl->execute();

// Debug data ------------------------------------------------

// Errors
$this->curl->error_code; // int

// Information
$this->curl->info; // array
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