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  • MongoDB distributed filesystem gridfs

    • this exists w/o directory or perm support
    • will bore hapsters
  • vim github/redmine plugin

    • either or, redmine is prolly easier but github is trendier
  • vim firefox extention

    • vim editing in textboxes
    • tie into vimperator?
  • noise level in reviews

    • mobile app that actaully measures noise, sends to us
    • store shit in mongo
    • trends (popular/loud now, not then)
      • requires time to gather the data
      • therefore boring presentation
    • (use YQL to actually get reviews and info and shit)
  • scavenger hunt app/game

    • get locations via gps/foursquare/QR codes
    • when user gets to the location, twillio calls/texts them, gives them the hint for the next one
    • keep track of users's times to each waypoint, at the end fastest person wins
    • maybe have points/money, you can buy items that either somehow help you (time bonus? optional waypoints?) or hurt others (time penalty, additional waypoints?)
    • instead of just making the game, we could easily make a framework for this (people just enter GPS coordinates (or whatever), and the associate template for twilio to read at that point)
    • users register beforehand (text in, call, maybe with app on phone)
    • this could also be used for those audio guided tours at zoos and shit
    • this would be really hard to present in one room, maybe just do this outside the hackathon?
  • rdio app

    • suggest songs that is in rdio
    • master computer will select songs automagically
    • other people go to web to suggest songs, vote songs in and out
  • aircrack for android?

    • can the network interface go into monitor mode
    • not exciting to present, but I've always thought this should exist
  • carrotnet for android

    • really
    • modify an existing tethering app to carrotize web pages
    • insert/modify html/css/images on the fly (flip all images upside down, make all header tags blink/scroll/pink, insert text overlay on all pics, etc)
    • also, show log of what pages people are visiting, stats, creep on them, etc
    • thereby bringing the joy of carrots to wifi freeloaders worldwide
    • we could bring up the network while we demo, as long as we limit the # of devices that connect (which most apps can do).
    • Maybe have a few running w/ different options?
    • replace random images with stuff from onetinyhand

Terrible Ideas

  • Fuse github interface
  • Fuse / fs interface to pretty much anything
  • Beef up my resume dot com
  • mad libs program, change fields using entity api
  • entity swapping
  • reverse content reader (find old content which is relevant now)
  • Get news stories and replace the pictures with crap pulled from one tiny hand or other such nonsense

This Year's API list

  • Long tail video (jw player)
    • Analytics for publishers?
    • entity extraction from text
    • rich structured article data
  • new york times
    • get some news and shit.
    • samantic/geographic
    • its documented yo
  • aviary
  • movableink
    • you put dynamic shit into your email
    • "snippets"
  • foursquare
    • menus, order food programatically
    • can save users/credit cards/etc
    • last year lacked data, idk if better
  • Tumblr
    • even presenter doesn't take them seriously XD
    • post shit and read other shitty posts
  • 10gen
    • mongodb, you can store your shit and (sometimes) get it back
    • it's web scale
    • it scales to the web
    • it's faster than joins because joins are really slow
  • etsy
    • yeah... we used this last year.
  • nodejitsu
    • hosting for node apps
  • donors choose
    • schools need money and can't afford their projects
    • see what projects schools need (by location, etc)
    • stats on how many donations and how much come ins
  • next big sound
  • one other company
    • specializes in not showing up
    • 'kick in'?

Last Year's API List

  • Mongodb - db stuff
  • - Apis to get stats off short links
  • Dot go - short codes. SMS mobile sites.
  • Boxee - html5 apps on tv
  • Chartbeat - analytics, realtime
  • - restaurant stuffs like scarlet menus
  • Foursquare - location stuff
  • - data tracking
  • - buy/sell homemade stuff
  • NYC platform - NYC data
  • Tumblr
  • New York times - congress data, etc
  • Hyperpublic - places API, database. Pricing, tags. Deals API
  • Aviary - photo shit
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