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GoLearn is a Go library that's relatively standard apart from a few optional C dependencies. To install it, you'll need to install Go 1.4 or later first.


System dependencies

  • You'll need to have a compatible compiler installed (to check, run g++ in your terminal.)
  • GoLearn uses Gonum's BLAS wrapper, which requires OpenBLAS or similar to be installed. Follow these installation instructions, which are os-specific and may require you to install a C library.

Installing GoLearn's internal dependencies

After installing go and the system dependencies, type

go get -t -u -v

Completing the installation

Run the following to complete installation.

cd $GOPATH/src/
go get -t -u -v ./...

Common problems

On Linux and Mac OS X, you can verify that Go is installed correctly via your terminal. Try compiling the example program to verify that your installation is working correctly.

Your go directory must exist in your home directory and be writeable. If it isn't, type cd && mkdir go to create it.

Your GOPATH and PATH variables must be set correctly.

  • To verify, type echo $GOROOT and echo $GOPATH.
  • Your $GOPATH variable should include your $GOROOT, plus a bin/ directory. For example, if $GOROOT is set to /home/sen/go, $GOPATH should be set to /home/sen/go/bin
  • To make sure that these variables are setup correctly, add export GOROOT=$HOME/go and export PATH=$PATH:$GOROOT/bin to your Bash configuration file.

Support status

Operating Systems Mac OS X 10.8
Ubuntu 14.04
OpenSUSE 13.1
Go version 1.2
GoLearn version Current
Support status Current
Next revision On version upgrade

Mac OS X 10.8

  • BLAS installation via HomeBrew has not been confirmed working.
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